18 Million Things – New Year 2017

I use this blog sometimes just for me – a place to remember some of the things that make me smile about my son. These posts are a bit soppy and they are definitely not going to change the world so please don’t feel obliged to linger on this one (unless you’re my husband).

Not that I’ve written one like this in blooming ages…partly because there’s been a few millions things that haven’t made me smile so much recently and partly because I had a break and a new baby and all that jazz.

So my fast-growing-but-you’ll-always-be-my-baby three and a half year old, there are at least 18 million things I love about you and they include: Continue reading

18 Million Things – Summer Edition

This series is where I indulgently fill up my pocket of the Internet with the virtual pebbles, receipts and loose change of memories I want to keep of my son.

He’s nearly three and we veer between total gorgeousness and utter chaos. I’m writing this today after he randomly and deliberately decided to upturn a large cup of tea onto the lounge carpet, throw a hard unidentifiable toy object at me in anger and then play ‘sandcastles’ with an almost-but-not-quite empty pot of yoghurt.

Yep, so obviously it’s not all roses and sparkles but actually quite a lot of it is – life is silly and fun and innocent and dramatic and the world hasn’t encroached on our bubble yet. Continue reading

How My Son Sleeps Through The Night

If you are expecting a useful list of tricks and tips to get your little one sleeping from evening until morning then I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place. Equally, if you already know how old my son is and are perhaps expecting a tale of nearly three years of woe and broken sleep and now a glorious celebration of a toddler mastering the full twelve hours of nighttime shut-eye, then I’m sorry to disappoint this is not that post either… Continue reading

18 Million Things – Spring Edition

If you have children there are probably an infinite number of things you love about them…there are probably a few things you don’t much like too! But this post isn’t about the negatives…no this is a series where I shamelessly self-indulgently note down all my son’s lovely quirks. The first two posts can be found here and here.

I want to remember all these little things so much, I want to remember the way they made me laugh or the way they made feel fizzy inside or the wonder I found in his burgeoning imagination. I feel that I’ve missed loads from this list…he is developing at a rate of knots, not sure I can keep up anymore.
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18 Million Things – New Year Edition

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to  my blog and my first post of 2016.

A couple of months ago I wrote a post to remind myself of some of the beautiful, silly, toddlery quirks my son exhibits. You can find that post here.

I promised myself that I would continue to record these moments so that I could enjoy thinking of them and looking back at them. After a fairly intense festive period with all the ups and downs in toddler (and parental) emotions that Christmas can bring now seems like an opportune moment for me to focus on just the good stuff.
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