An Ode to Garden Centres & Wyevale Christmas Event Review

I love a good garden centre…I don’t even care if that makes me sound 84….I really do. I’ve spent the last three years culminating special relationships with my local garden centres – they are my ‘go to’ destination with my son. I wonder sometimes if they know what a glorious gift they’ve given to the parent attempting to entertain a small being all week…

Need fresh air but it’s pouring and your child, like mine, has a rain aversion? What’s that…? A covered outside area with trees to boot? Yes please.

Are you considering remortgaging and taking a trip to the zoo? May I interest you instead in a selection of miniature (and quite lifelike) animal statues?

Imaginative ‘real world’ play? Let the display sheds step up to the plate…

Educational resource? Hello clock aisle.

Throw in a cafe, a play area and hours of entertainment watching the water features and you’ve got yourself a whole day’s worth of activity. You’re welcome. Some even have small soft play areas if that’s your bag. It’s not mine. We tried it once and my son turned feral in the ball pit so we beat a swift retreat. Continue reading

Magic – The Ultimate Stocking Filler

When I was growing up one of the most magical parts of Christmas was THAT moment – the moment you look down at the bedpost at the bottom of the bed and see a full, bulging stocking with a rounded toe (requisite satsuma) and something shiny and papery sticking out of the top.
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Anticipation – Christmas 2015

Do you ever have the sense that you’re trying to reach or search for a feeling or a time or a sensation…one you are sure exists but can’t be pinned down? I get this a lot – it’s a still from a film, an emotion from a song, a picture in my mind from a book, a sense of another time. I think it stems from having an active imagination and being a nostalgic romantic at heart.
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