Donning My Big Blog Hat for the Day – BML16

On Saturday I attended the BritMums annual blogging conference, BritMums Live or BML16. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can find more information about BritMums and the conference here. In a nutshell it is an opportunity to think ‘blog’ for a day – to meet bloggers, to meet brands, and to learn bloggy wisdom.

I feel compelled to share with you a little bit of my perspective on the day despite being fully aware that if you are an avid blog reader or in my Twitter network you’ll most likely have read 43 other similar posts. If you are at saturation point, toodle-oo – do come back soon! If you think you can take another ‘I woz there’ scrawl across your screen then keep reading.

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What Does Blogging Success Look Like To You?

For those of you who read my blog regularly or who are bloggers yourselves you’ll know that it’s awards season at the moment in the bloggy world (think less floor-length gowns and red carpets and more badges and uncomfortable vote pleas). I was lucky enough to be shortlisted in the Readers’ Choice category in the BritMums BiBs Awards (Brilliance in Blogging).

The next step was to attempt to become a finalist – when ten became five. Unsurprisingly I tripped up on this step (much like I do daily on stray bits of washing that populate our stairs) and didn’t make the final five in my category of fabulous bloggers. Continue reading

I’m Going to #BML16 – A Blogging Bonanza!

Yes I’ve just used alliteration, an exclamation mark AND a hashtag in the title of this post – #amiacoolbloggernow

The reason for my foray into savvy social media mode is because in June I will be attending a blogging conference called BritMums Live 2016 or BML16 (clue was in my title). This is a HUGE blogging conference held in London and organised by BritMums – the biggest collective of lifestyle bloggers and social influencers. Ever. The conference aims to bring together some of these fantastic peeps to meet, socialise, network with brands, improve their skills and fire their creativity.

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Filing Cabinet of Friends

I love my real-life filing cabinet. I know, exciting stuff. Admittedly I’m a bit rubbish at getting round to actually filling the cabinet – the post piles up on the pile marked ‘filing’ (there is no pile marked ‘filing’, it’s just a pile) and I’ll have an admin binge and then do nothing until the next time I can’t see my son over the unsteady mountain of paper on the kitchen table.

IF I opened my lovely filing cabinet to a little party of friends waving flags and drinking bubbly or tea, depending on the time of day, I imagine I’d clear my table more often. Until any miniature friends volunteer for that job though I’m left with just a filing cabinet. Continue reading

It’ll be a Breeze – Reality vs Expectation

My 2 year and 9 month old son started preschool today…this is the first time we have left him with strangers ever. For years we have said that he will start preschool when we all feel the time is right for him. For months we have said we think he’s ready and will start preschool very soon. For weeks we’ve all been excited and happy and waving at the preschool if we drive past…

Then yesterday happened…the day before preschool…nothing had changed for him, but I was suddenly nervous, sooo nervous – how would he be when I left? What if he’s not ok? What if he’s not ready? Then it all struck at bedtime…he was peacefully asleep and I was sat next to his bed; a silently weeping emotional ball of sentimentality, contemplating how my little baby is growing up so fast.

How did that happen!? What happened to my confident ‘oh we’re all completely fine about it’ approach!? It got me thinking about how vastly different the reality of a situation can be compared with the expectation…here are a few other examples I’ve come across in the last couple of years with my son, where the expected breeze turned out to be a little bit more 1987 after all.
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Brilliance in…Blogging?

Brilliance. It’s not generally a word I associate with myself…you know, ‘what three words best describe you?’. Yes, well funnily enough brilliant, brilliance, brill are just not on the list. ‘Brr’ could sneak on at a push…I’m a cold type, but the ‘illiant’ doesn’t make the cut.

So where’s this going? Well today the shortlists were announced for the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards…the BiBs for ease. Oh it was lovely to see so many of my favourites on the lists…and then I saw my blog name. My actual blog, brackets and all, right there in the Readers’ Choice category.
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MAD for a BiB

I’ve seen a few posts about the MAD blog awards and the BiB awards this week and it seems like part of the entry process to write one, so here is my nomination information post, plea, and general three minutes of discomfort.

I’ve decided to do a bit of throwing: I’m throwing my hat into the ring, throwing down the gauntlet (possibly), throwing caution to the wind, throwing up (oh no wait, that’s another post)…yes I’ve taken the slightly unnatural step of nominating my blog (and others, I’m not completely meglomanical) in the Brit Mums annual blogging awards, the BiBs. I did this and felt all overcome so haven’t even thought about the MADs but perhaps I maybe will.

Anyway I’m sure you can all relate to how weird this feels; self promotion doesn’t come naturally to many people I don’t think. I feel all a bit Jekyll and Hyde about it. Without the murder though, so maybe not Jekyll and Hyde, maybe just terribly English.
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