Still Writing

Still writing – as in ‘I’m still writing’ or the ‘writing is still’? Completely stopped more like…this has been less of a blog break and more of a blog abandonment.

And on that note – Hello!

Um. Well, this is awkward.

Hello!! Is anyone out there!!? Helloooo!!!

Ah well.

So this was supposed to be my ‘out of office’ post. I think it has taken so long to write that it is fast turning into my ‘I’m a little bit back’ post.

I would love to say that I’m back from a series of immensely exciting adventures that have taken the place of blogging but I’d be lying.

Mother and son sat on hill looking out to shoreline/cliffs and sea. Orangey soil and hills. Mother in black and boy in blue.
Travelling the world! Or the Isle of Wight anyway…

Instead I was too tired to write in the evenings and too tired to get up early in the mornings to write. I then got out of the habit and, shock horror, I didn’t mind and I didn’t miss my blog. I enjoyed the break from it all and being out of the game (which I wasn’t very good at anyway) of social media is particularly refreshing.

But then I really did mind and really did miss it and so it’s time to restart the habit. I’m a little rusty so you’ll have to bear with me.

What I missed most was putting words down somewhere solid. Consistently over the year I’ve been reminded of one of my Creative Mothers contributors, Claire from Art and Soul. In her piece she gives tips for finding time to write…she reminds us that you can ‘write’ anywhere; that writing in your head still counts as writing. I love that idea, I’m sure most people who have a penchant for the written word find themselves writing constantly – I compose my absolute best pieces in the car, in the shower and before I go to sleep at night (the last one being slightly annoying).

So yes I’m still writing. I’m just now hoping to put more of it down on the virtual paper we call blogs. And I think that using over 350 words to simply say ‘hello, I’m back’ is an interesting start – but it’s ok ,the next post I’ve got coming is AMAZING. I wrote it when I was washing my hair this morning…


Holidays and Highlights

‘The seaside makes me happy Mummy’

‘Me too lovebug…’

Little boy sat on the beach playing

I know I’m a sporadic blog-poster at the best of times so you probably won’t really notice the difference, but I’m going on a blogging and an actual holiday. I really feel as though I’ve been winding down at the moment ready to take a little break…refocusing and refreshing my mind.

Before I go (although I’m not going completely, just changing the tempo) I thought I’d indulge in a few reflections. I’ve had a lovely joyous time blogging this year. It has continued in its own unique way to give me an expressive outlet, the little bit of creation I am in control of…it has also provided me with some tangible highlights: Continue reading

Creative Mothers Series – Single Mum Speaks

Welcome to the thirteenth issue in the Creative Mothers Series –  a guest series for people to share their thoughts and experiences of the impact of parenthood on their creativity.

This will be the last post in the series for a few months, but I look forward to sharing more in the Autumn. Please do get in touch using the details on my contact page if you would like to take part with your thoughts. And you can find more information about the series including the other twelve posts here

Now onto today’s post, and I’m delighted to welcome Min from Single Mum Speaks. Her blog has long been a favourite of mine – her honesty, wry humour and eloquence makes each post a compelling read. 

In this piece Min shares with us the place creativity has always had in her life and the significance of that creativity for her now. These are thoughts that really resonate with me, as I’m sure they will with lots of people…


Continue reading

Donning My Big Blog Hat for the Day – BML16

On Saturday I attended the BritMums annual blogging conference, BritMums Live or BML16. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can find more information about BritMums and the conference here. In a nutshell it is an opportunity to think ‘blog’ for a day – to meet bloggers, to meet brands, and to learn bloggy wisdom.

I feel compelled to share with you a little bit of my perspective on the day despite being fully aware that if you are an avid blog reader or in my Twitter network you’ll most likely have read 43 other similar posts. If you are at saturation point, toodle-oo – do come back soon! If you think you can take another ‘I woz there’ scrawl across your screen then keep reading.

Continue reading

Creative Mothers Series – ScandiMummy

Welcome to Creative Mothers – a fortnightly series of guest blogs for people to reflect on the impact of parenthood on their experience of personal creativity. If you would like to take part with your thoughts, please take a look at the Creative Mothers page and do get in touch.

Today I welcome Nadia from ScandiMummy to the Creative Mothers series. Her blog has got to be one of the most stylish little pockets of the Internet I’ve had the pleasure of being invited into.

Here Nadia shares her history in the creative industries and how she has channelled that creativity now – along with some inspirations and challenges that I’m sure a lot of us can relate to.

It’s a wonderful read that for me hits the nail on the head with my experiences in creative industries – namely the, more often than not, lack of creative control and the incompatibility of large parts of the industry with parenthood. Not that it’s all bad but maybe in lots of ways blogging is better…!? 

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What Does Blogging Success Look Like To You?

For those of you who read my blog regularly or who are bloggers yourselves you’ll know that it’s awards season at the moment in the bloggy world (think less floor-length gowns and red carpets and more badges and uncomfortable vote pleas). I was lucky enough to be shortlisted in the Readers’ Choice category in the BritMums BiBs Awards (Brilliance in Blogging).

The next step was to attempt to become a finalist – when ten became five. Unsurprisingly I tripped up on this step (much like I do daily on stray bits of washing that populate our stairs) and didn’t make the final five in my category of fabulous bloggers. Continue reading

Filing Cabinet of Friends

I love my real-life filing cabinet. I know, exciting stuff. Admittedly I’m a bit rubbish at getting round to actually filling the cabinet – the post piles up on the pile marked ‘filing’ (there is no pile marked ‘filing’, it’s just a pile) and I’ll have an admin binge and then do nothing until the next time I can’t see my son over the unsteady mountain of paper on the kitchen table.

IF I opened my lovely filing cabinet to a little party of friends waving flags and drinking bubbly or tea, depending on the time of day, I imagine I’d clear my table more often. Until any miniature friends volunteer for that job though I’m left with just a filing cabinet. Continue reading

Brilliance in…Blogging?

Brilliance. It’s not generally a word I associate with myself…you know, ‘what three words best describe you?’. Yes, well funnily enough brilliant, brilliance, brill are just not on the list. ‘Brr’ could sneak on at a push…I’m a cold type, but the ‘illiant’ doesn’t make the cut.

So where’s this going? Well today the shortlists were announced for the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards…the BiBs for ease. Oh it was lovely to see so many of my favourites on the lists…and then I saw my blog name. My actual blog, brackets and all, right there in the Readers’ Choice category.
Continue reading

Back Soon!

I know I’m not the most prolific blog poster in the world at the best of times, but I’ve decided to be more informative about my absences from the blogosphere this year. So I’m off for a bit. Tooodle-oo!

Where are you going!? I hear you cry… Well I would love to tell you I’m jetting away to the sunny climes of Barbados as my pictures might suggest, but I’m not. My husband is for, I don’t know, the seventh time but I’m not. No, my son and I are instead heading off to lovely Lincolnshire to stay with family and so blogging will be taking a back seat.

I won’t be completely quiet, however, on Tuesday 8 March I’ll be publishing the next post in the Creative Mothers series…I’m so enjoying this series and hope you are too. You can find all the previous posts here. And if you’re reading this and would like to be involved with the series, please get in touch using the contact details here.

As if that wasn’t noisy enough, I fully intend be back the week after with news and tales from my blogging break.

In the meantime my chums, I leave you with this picture of one our very favourite places in Barbados, which I will NOT be visiting anytime soon…did I mention get that already!?

My husband was kind enough to text me this last year when he was there and I was far, far away (in so many ways) extricating an 18th month old from a wet swing in a muddy play area.

Just for context he sent it to me to show me the stump of a lovable and much-photographed (by us anyway!) palm tree that had been felled between 2014 and 2015. This small, and shrinking, stretch of beach was our garden for a period, we would have our morning tea and our evening rum on the sand. We spent a very special time here in 2012 recovering from life and I’ll be thinking about this lovely island lots in the coming weeks.




Making Connections

Just a tiny little post and another rubbish photo to say I’m having a little think! I’ve got lots of ideas whirring in my head for my blog (some just blog posts I can’t find the time to write, others more exciting projects) but, you know, life keeps on happening and I need about a week of no distractions to get things sorted. Since that’s unlikely, I’ll keep whirring for now but thought I’d let you know I’m just thinking (always reassuring to know that people are thinking isn’t it?).

I’ll work on it; I’ll get all the pieces connected. I’m hoping all the thoughts and ideas will come together beautifully…much like this rather snazzy train track, but hopefully without the marital bickering present during the great track build of 2015.

Brio challenge: connect every piece, use NO buffers