How My Son Sleeps Through The Night

If you are expecting a useful list of tricks and tips to get your little one sleeping from evening until morning then I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place. Equally, if you already know how old my son is and are perhaps expecting a tale of nearly three years of woe and broken sleep and now a glorious celebration of a toddler mastering the full twelve hours of nighttime shut-eye, then I’m sorry to disappoint this is not that post either… Continue reading

The Benefits of No Naps

Yes you have read the title of this correctly, today I will be digging deep and attempting to find some silver linings around the dark cloud that is the end of daytime naps.

My son (now 2 ½) has never been the best napper in the world…we’ve had our moments of nap-heaven of course – but short-lived moments. Most of his babyhood was a bit hit and miss with catnaps and hours spent sling wearing, pushchair rocking and going quietly insane. I could often be heard muttering ‘I can’t wait for him to not need a nap anymore’…my wish was granted at the merry age of two.
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Lost in… Lucy & Tom at the Seaside


A good week last week for Shirley Hughes, announced as the winner of the inaugural Book Trust Lifetime Achievement Award. I now have serious concerns for the load bearing capacity of her mantelpiece but all well deserved in my view.

I am a Shirley Hughes newbie…I don’t remember any of her books from my childhood at all. Perhaps my Mother was vehemently opposed for some reason, I must remember to ask. I must also remember to thank her because it is a special joy approaching them as a shared first experience with LJ.
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