Creative Mothers Project

In January 2016 I launched the Creative Mothers series on occupation: (m)other. It was a platform for people to share their thoughts about the impact of motherhood on personal creativity. I loved receiving the responses, so varied and thoughtful in their reflections.

I knew when I started the collection that I wanted to do more with the idea, take it somewhere…that vague and comfortable potential empty space of ‘somewhere’. However I paused the online series while I was pregnant with my second child; the pause growing into a two-year absence as the demands of young children took over everything else. But I didn’t let go of the core ideas of the series. Instead they swirled and developed, straining to grow faster than my time or energy could accommodate.

Over the past few months it has become clear to me that the time to define the somewhere of this is nearing and a project needs building. Continue reading

Meet me in…Southampton!

Southampton. What does that conjure up for you? A city of docks and industry on the south coast? A premiership (just) football team? An international cruiseliner port? A bomb-ravaged city with a civic rebuild and a copycat town centre high street? A claim to fame that Tinie Tempah went to Southampton but not Scunthorpe?

Ok you’re probably nodding (or youtubing Pass Out because it was THE comedy song of summer 2011. For some. Ahem) but what if I also said vast green spaces, amazing arts venues, ambition, creativity, history, confidence…would you be nodding along then? Because you should be.

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Creative Mothers Series – Babi a Fi

Welcome to the next edition in the fortnightly Creative Mothers series. This is a space for people to reflect on the impact of parenthood on their experience of personal creativity. If you would like to take part with your thoughts, please take a look at the Creative Mothers page and do get in touch.

In this post Jess from Babi a Fi shares with us her history with creativity and the tweaks required to combine her passions with parenting. It’s a great reminder that, as parents, we don’t have to drop our previous interests, we might just have to find new ways of making time and headspace for them. 

And while we are on the subject of heads, I am so envious of the way Jess has used herself and her styles as a creative outlet in the past. I need a new hairdresser, oh and a stylist would be good too!   



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Creative Mothers Series – Someone’s Mum

Welcome to the fifth edition in the Creative Mothers series! This is a space for people to reflect on the impact of parenthood on their experience of personal creativity. If you would like to take part with your thoughts, please take a look at the Creative Mothers page and do get in touch.

This week Danielle from Someone’s Mum shares a wonderfully celebratory post filled to bursting with lots of lovely examples of her creative endeavours.

This is also an eloquent presentation of the complicated emotions many new parents have when getting to grips with their identity post-children. It particularly resonates with me, as Danielle’s sentiments in the final few paragraphs mirror my thoughts about identity exactly…we just got there in different ways (sadly I didn’t win anything!).

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Creative Mothers Series – Laura Southorn

Welcome to the first edition of the Creative Mothers series of guest blogs.  I am passionate about creativity and interested in the impact of motherhood on personal creative expression which is why I’ve started this series. If you would like to add your thoughts to the conversation, please visit the Creative Mothers page for more information about the series and how to get involved. 

Now on with the first contribution! I’m very excited to be introducing you to Laura to kick off things off. I worked with Laura at an Arts Festival MANY years ago for a brief but significant time. I’m really pleased that she has agreed to take part in this project – Laura offers a fascinating insight into her journey with personal creativity, from a career immersed in the arts, to some tough prioritising and the reconciling of motherhood with that career, and then finally to finding new ways to create, for herself and with her children. Over to you, Laura! Continue reading

Creative Mothers – Calling: Everyone!

I’m very excited to be launching my Creative Mothers guest blog series this week.

Bloggers and non-bloggers, creatives and non-creatives, mothers and fathers are invited to share thoughts about the impact of parenthood on their personal creativity.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a little while…I’m passionate about the human ability to be creative but have never before defined myself as a ‘creative’. I’m not sure I would now either to be honest! But from imaginative play to expressing myself through writing, it is a part of my personality that has certainly emerged since having my son in 2013.

In November 2015 I attended the Mumsnet-organised Blogfest conference and was excited to see that the opening discussion (with a wonderful panel) was on this very topic.

As expected there were some interesting musings on questions about the emotional and practical challenges that motherhood can bring to creativity. In the pursuit of entertainment and given the time restraints, however, the discussion was unable to cover every angle; speak for every parent and get to the heart of the complexities both for those who are creative already and those who don’t see themselves as creative.

I hope this series will go where Blogfest could not! I’d love you to share your stories here on the subject: I’d like to create a space where people can be inspired by other parents, understand other people’s experiences and raise the questions that may encourage us all to reflect on ourselves in different ways.

Everyone is welcome! Please visit the Creative Mothers page for more information and how to get in touch.

Update: pop over and read about the first contribution. Laura’s experiences can be found here.

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#BlogaJob Challenge: Not Quite All the Jobs I Have Ever Done

The very lovely Alice over at Nipper and Tyke tagged me back in the far mists of time for #blogajob, aka the ultimate nosy person’s tag (not that I’m saying she is nosy, but I am so I’ve enjoyed seeing people’s responses). The premise is simple – The title of Alice’s original post “All the Jobs I Have Ever Done” sums up the expectation, although I’m told, much like a proper CV, omissions and poetic licence are allowed. Phew.

And so to begin:
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