Your question: Why did the child go away from the snake charmer?

Answer. Answer: The child went to the snake chamber because a man playing flute and he was very much influenced by the flute that’s why he went to the snake chamber. He did not stop there for much time is because he know that his parents would not allow him to stay there.

Why did the child go to snake charmer Why did he go away from him?

The child saw the snake charmer in the fair. He went away from him because his parents had told him not to listen these types of music.

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How did the child feel seeing the snake charmer Why did he go away from him write your answer in the context of the lost child?

Answer: The child feel so much in danger when he or she see the snake charmer. It is because of our hormones which presents in our body keeps control in our body whenever we see something that can be harmful for us.

How did the child react when he saw the snake charmer?

Answer: On his way to the fair the child sees toys, balloons of different colours, garland of gulmohur, a swing and a snake-charmer playing a flute. He gets attracted towards all these things. So, he lags behind.

How did the sight of the snake charmer leave the child spellbound?

Answer. Answer: The child was spellbound as he wanted to enjoy the snake charmer playing the flute because he never watched it before and he was fascinated by it but his parents told him not to hear such coarse music.

Why did the child lag behind?

Answer. The child lagged behind because he was fascinated by all the things coming on his way to the fair. He followed the dragon flies and butterflies with his gaze and tried to catch them. As he entered the grove, a shower of young flowers fell upon him.

What is the significance of the title of the story the lost child?

The title The Lost Child is an appropriate title because when the protagonist lose his parents, his desire ends at an instant. The story is about a very beautiful relationship between a child and his parents. The parents used to protect him from any danger and the child was the happiness and joy to them.

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What changes do you notice in the Behaviour of the child once he is separated from his parents in the story the lost child?

He was very excited and happy with the stalls of toys and sweets. He gets separated from his parents and starts crying. He runs hither and thither in search of his parents, but in vain. … The child who wanted everything from the fair was now not interested in any of these things as he only yearned to be with his parents.

How did the man try to soothe the lost child?

Answer: The man tried every possible way to soothe the child. He took him to a roundabout swing then offer a horse ride , tried to make him listen to the snake charmer’s song and offered him a balloon, as he thought that this would distract mind, but in vain. He offered him flowers and sweets, but thechild kept crying.

What did the child do when he got no response from his parents what was his condition?

Answer. He got very scared and lost the sense of security that every child possesses when with parents. He was frightened and started crying when he no longer found his parents. He got untidy and his clothes were covered with mud due to running here and there.

How did the father react to his demand?

Father just stared at the child once but next moment he started giving excuses that were really silly. The child got to know that his father is not going to buy him anything so he decided not to ask for anything . This shows that the child is mature and he knows how to control his urges .

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How was the child lost in Fair?

Answer: In the fair , there were many beautiful things like toys , sweets , balloons and many more. The child wanted all those things but his parents were neglecting him and in watching those things the child was lagging behind . … In this way the child lost in the fair.

What did the child feel when he was lost?

Answer:The child was shaken with fear when he got to know that he was lost and moving and looking here and there searching his parents crying very loudly .

Who took the child to the fair?

Explanation: the child went to the fair with his parents who had some financial problems . There the child sees many things that he wants and ask’s for them. He doesn’t wait for an answer and goes ahead as he knew the financial condition of his parents.

Where did the child’s parents stop and why?

Answer: While going to the fair, the child’s parents stopped under the shade of a grove to rest for a while. Moreover, the scene there was quite captivating.

Why did the child not ask for the balloons?

Why did the child not ask his parents to buy him balloons even though he was fascinated by them? Answer: He knew his parents would say that he was too old to play with the balloons so he did not ask his parents to buy them for him.

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