How much paracetamol can I give my child?

The usual dose of paracetamol for children is 10-15 mg per kilogram of weight. In other words, if a child weighs 20 kg it should have 10-15mg x 20, which is 200-300 mg. This dose can be taken once every 4 to 6 hours, up to 4 times in 24 hours if needed.

How many 500mg paracetamol can a child take?

For adults and children aged 16 years and older: 500 mg-1 g every 4-6 hours up to a maximum of 4 g daily. For children aged 12-15 years: 480-750 mg every 4-6 hours up to a maximum of four doses daily. For children aged 10-11 years: 480-500 mg every 4-6 hours up to a maximum of four doses daily.

Can I Give My 8 year old half a paracetamol?

Dosage instructions are different for babies over the age of 2 months (see Giving paracetamol to babies from 2 months).

Six plus syrup: 250mg/5ml.

Age How much? How often?
6 to 8 years 5ml Max 4 times in 24 hours
8 to 10 years 7.5ml Max 4 times in 24 hours
10 to 12 years 10ml Max 4 times in 24 hours
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What age can a child have paracetamol tablet?

Paracetamol for children

Paracetamol can be given to children aged 2 months or over to relieve pain and reduce fever if they weigh more than 4kg (8.8lbs) and were born after 37 weeks. Make sure you’ve got the right strength for your child.

What happens if I give my child too much paracetamol?

While paracetamol is known to cause liver damage if you give too much of it, ibuprofen (like other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) can cause gut problems and kidney damage in some children, even when it is given at the recommended dose.

How much paracetamol can a 16 kg child have?

What is the correct dose of paracetamol for my child?

Your child’s weight 120mg per 5mL 250mg per 5mL
13kg 8mL 4mL
15kg 9mL 4.5mL
18kg 11mL 5mL
20kg 12mL 6mL

How many days paracetamol can be taken?

The usual dose for adults is one or two 500mg tablets up to 4 times in 24 hours. Always leave at least 4 hours between doses. Overdosing on paracetamol can cause serious side effects. Do not be tempted to increase the dose or to take a double dose if your pain is very bad.

Can I give my 9 year old ibuprofen pill?

If you’re not sure how much to give a child, ask your pharmacist or doctor. If you give it: 3 times in 24 hours, leave at least 6 hours between doses.

Ibuprofen tablet dosages for children.

Age How much How often
7 to 9 years 200mg Max 3 times in 24 hours
10 to 11 years 200mg to 300mg Max 3 times in 24 hours
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Is ibuprofen safe for child?

Ibuprofen, also known as Advil or Motrin, is safe to use in children at least six months of age and older. One dose of ibuprofen lasts approximately six to eight hours. Naproxen, also known as Aleve, is safe to use in children 12 years and older.

How many mg of paracetamol is lethal?

Based on the dose of paracetamol ingested (mg/kg body weight): Less than 150 mg/kg – unlikely. More than 250 mg/kg – likely. More than 12 g total – potentially fatal.

At what temperature should I give my baby paracetamol?

Your baby is under 3 months old and they have a temperature of 38°C (101°F) or higher.

How much paracetamol can a 1 year old have?

3 months to under 1 year: 2.5ml of infant paracetamol suspension, given up to four times a day. 1 year to under 6 years: 5 to 10ml of infant paracetamol suspension, given up to four times a day. 6 years to 12 years: 5 to 10ml of paracetamol six-plus suspension, given up to four times a day.

Can you give Panadol tablets to a child?

PANADOL Tablets and Mini Caps

Children 7 to 11 years: Take ½ to 1 tablet or caplet every four to six hours as needed. Do not take more than 4 tablets or caplets in 24 hours. Not recommended in children under 7 years.

Can you overdose a child on calpol?

Do not exceed the recommended dose. Taking more than the recommended dose (overdose) may cause liver damage. In case of overdose, get medical help straight away. Quick medical attention is critical for adults as well as children even if signs and symptoms are not noticed.

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What happens if you accidentally take too much paracetamol?

Taking too much paracetamol can lead to yellow eyes (jaundice), loss of coordination, low blood sugar, liver damage and death. It’s important to get medical help as quickly as possible if you think you have taken too much paracetamol, since the damage can occur even before you experience side effects.

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