How do you make a baby butterfly phone?

How do you make a butterfly phone?


  1. Cut balsa wood into (4) strips to fit across the diameter if the hoop.
  2. Glue these strips across the diameter of the hoop like a pie.
  3. Paint the hoop and wood white.
  4. Draw (95) butterflies on your choice of card stock paper using a butterfly template.
  5. Cut out each butterfly.

How do you attach a baby mobile to the ceiling?

Use the mobile’s size and weight to choose a good spot where it can hang at the proper height and rotate freely. Then, screw a hook directly into a support beam in the ceiling for maximum stability. If you’re planning on hanging a mobile on bare drywall or plaster, get an anchor or toggle bolt.

How do you make butterflies out of toilet paper rolls?


  1. Cut a piece of paper to fit the toilet paper roll.
  2. Wrap piece of paper around the toilet paper and secure with tape or glue. …
  3. Cut two small hearts for the wings.
  4. Glue the two hearts together at the bottom of each heart.
  5. Attach the hearts (wings) to the back of the toilet paper roll.

17 янв. 2017 г.

How do you make butterfly on little alchemy?

Butterfly walkthrough

  1. air + water = rain.
  2. rain + earth = plant.
  3. earth + fire = lava.
  4. lava + air = stone.
  5. fire + stone = metal.
  6. earth + water = mud.
  7. plant + mud = swamp.
  8. fire + air = energy.
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How do you make a butterfly for kids?

Paint bow tie pasta pieces to turn them into cute little butterflies. End the craft here or glue them to a sheet of paper to make a butterfly scene.

How do you make butterfly garland?

How to:

  1. Fold paper in half diagonally to make a triangle.
  2. Working from center line out make zig zag folds about 1cm (0.5″) apart, one half then the other.
  3. Repeat with second piece of paper.
  4. Pinch together at center.
  5. Wrap firmly with pipe cleaner and twist to secure, bend pipe cleaner to resemble antennae.

26 июн. 2013 г.

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