Creative Mothers

Welcome to Creative Mothers – a guest series here on occupation:(m)other for bloggers and non-bloggers; creatives and non-creatives to share their experiences of parenthood and creativity.

The emotional impact of motherhood, coupled with society’s (and our own) expectations, can alter a woman’s sense of self in profound ways, not least when it comes to creative expression. For people who are used to being in tune with their creative side, and for those just discovering it, this can be a complicated process.

I gave birth to my son in 2013 – up until then I was fortunate enough to forge a lovely career in the arts. Theatres, dance studios, libraries, fields, cathedrals, museums, galleries and concert halls were my stomping grounds. Although surrounded by creativity during this time, I have only felt truly personally creative since becoming a mother.

The act of creation is a powerful one for humans – creativity inspires all sorts of good stuff in our brains. Even baking a cake from scratch can make me feel at least productive and often slightly inspired. Perhaps in creating a whole human I’ve unlocked a more creative part of myself, or perhaps stepping away from the arts as a job has given me a freedom to explore my own (and often not very good!) artistic side.

So what does creativity mean to you? Has parenthood ignited your creativity or extinguished it? Does being a parent challenge the way you create or has it opened new doors for you to express yourself?

Whatever your perspective on this topic and whatever you’d like to share with fellow parents, I’d love to hear from you. Although there is a focus on motherhood, contributions on this topic from fathers are more than welcome.

Please do get in touch with me if you’d like to be part of this series using the details on the Contact Me page. I so look forward to hearing from you.

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