The End


Ahh blogging. What a lovely, fun time that’s been. Time for this website to close, to self-vacuum itself away, decluttering a tiny virtual corner of the websophere. Or something like that anyway.


Without getting all Oscar night about it, setting up this website has been nothing short of a joyous experience for me. It has been first and foremost an outlet – not a diary, mostly fairly impersonal – but an outlet for creativity, productivity and fun. I have such happy memories of simply thinking of blog posts. Of seeing things that annoyed me, made me think, moved me or that I wanted to remember and then teasing out my angle on them – whether I could make myself laugh mostly.


I loved the freedom to make up words, concoct elaborate sentences, misuse punctuation and not really proof read.


I loved discovering that I write in lists, and subclauses and ever-elongated sentences joined with ands (much how my five year old currently writes).


I once enjoyed Twitter, until it got a bit noisy and a bit nasty around the blogging edges.


I enjoyed blogging conferences – the early ones where i knew no one and the later ones where I had my group and I had my brush with official blogging success.


I loved the other adventures and sense of purpose my blog gave me somedays. Southampton Swing Watch is a case in point – one of my best blogging ideas for us that never really made it to the blog!  But we had a fabulous summer of research; of visiting playgrounds all over Southampton. There’s no way I would have been motivated to do that without the idea that it was supposed to a blog series. It turns out the visits were the important bit, the writing up of our visits into blog series felt like work and my blog was never to feel like that.


I liked being part of a blogging community. I enjoyed the interaction, the validation and the connections made.


I loved and still love my blogging friends – the ones that stood supportively at the walls of my website disco each dance, until eventually they came and shimmied around my handbag with me. The ones I became an author with, the ones I currently actually work with – all of the lovely ones that live in my WhatsApp for advice, support, wobbles and laughs.


I am thankful that blogging has given me professional clarity and confidence, a whole host of new skills and a commitment to live a more creative life.


I love that I have made a record of memories of my children’s early years (mostly the first child, second child somewhat second-childed)


All in all, quite a bit to love, like and be grateful for.


That’s not too shabby for an ending is it!?