Creative Mothers Project

In January 2016 I launched the Creative Mothers series on occupation: (m)other. It was a platform for people to share their thoughts about the impact of motherhood on personal creativity. I loved receiving the responses, so varied and thoughtful in their reflections.

I knew when I started the collection that I wanted to do more with the idea, take it somewhere…that vague and comfortable potential empty space of ‘somewhere’. However I paused the online series while I was pregnant with my second child; the pause growing into a two-year absence as the demands of young children took over everything else. But I didn’t let go of the core ideas of the series. Instead they swirled and developed, straining to grow faster than my time or energy could accommodate.

Over the past few months it has become clear to me that the time to define the somewhere of this is nearing and a project needs building.

I’m going to attempt to chart this process on occupation: (m)other. If the project goes anywhere it will be a useful place to store thoughts and develop ideas. If it doesn’t, then at least there is a tangible achievement in the form of a few blog posts…I could do with the content…

Right, some initial overarching aims to kick things off. Plenty of time for nitty gritty detail later.

The Creative Mothers Project will:

– Continue conversations about the impact of motherhood on creativity. Becoming a mother, being a mother, wanting to be a mother, not being a mother. For those that define themselves as creative and those that don’t.

– Help women explore their creativity and explore the place motherhood has within that. What the changes in identity, in responsibilities, in society, in emotion means for creative pursuits – the challenges and the opportunities.

– Examine motherhood in the arts – the way it has been rejected by some and embraced by others; whether it is perceived as a valid muse; the stereotypes to challenge and the barriers to overcome.

– Provide a practical and comfortable space for women with integrated childcare during talks, workshops and groups if required.

– Encourage a reclaiming and celebration of the maternal experience for use in creative expression. (I think I want to get a bit angry about this point, or at least wildly enthusiastic…)

Oh and I want a new name for the project.

Easy! Let’s see where it goes….

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