Bedtime with my Four Year Old

I’m new to thinking in verse but we all need to start somewhere…and I’m starting here. Be gentle. And take a look at Babies, Biscuits & Booze because Ellen actually can write poetry and she didn’t laugh when I said to her I fancied a rhythmic dabble…

Now, if anyone can think of a more catchy title please let me know!

Bedtime with my Four Year Old 

‘I can’t sleep’
My heart sinks
‘Will you stay?’
The room shrinks

But it’s you
So I do.

You’ve made me some space…
You drape an arm in my face.

We get in a tizz
I just want you to zizz
But your brain starts to fizz and you conjure
As you sky-write
In the half-light.

You start counting,
Numbers mounting

And you whisper, I’m not sure…
Song lines, secrets then
No more.

I’m left behind in the dark
With Brahms – or maybe Bach

And I look at you…
The back of your neck, the curve of your shoulder…
I’m sent to a time when you are much older

When I won’t be in your bed
When I’m ninety four – or more
Of thoughts in your head

And I know I must keep,
Somehow lodge it deep,
This memory of you
(Not quite) asleep.


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