Bedtime with my Four Year Old

I’m new to thinking in verse but we all need to start somewhere…and I’m starting here. Be gentle. And take a look at Babies, Biscuits & Booze because Ellen actually can write poetry and she didn’t laugh when I said to her I fancied a rhythmic dabble…

Now, if anyone can think of a more catchy title please let me know!

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The Other Mother

My son has another mother. There I said it. Well actually he HAD another mother. She lived long ago and she is no longer alive.

Shame, she sounded fun…

Took my son to loads of places, watched all the best films, owns the entire Julia Donaldson collection not just 95% of it. Lived in a castle, with a moat no less. Had another child as well; an older brother for my son. I don’t know much about him or if there was another parent around, but the mother? Yep I know a lot about her. Continue reading