My Snap Happy Son

My three year old has discovered (and therefore I have just discovered) that one can take photos on one’s iPad without unlocking said iPad.

My son thinks this is amazing. I am indifferent and will always unlock my iPad to take a picture because I am essentially a technological relic.

Anyway scrolling through my gallery the other day led me to some shots that are cronkier, wonkier and more blurry than my usual ones…

Yet somehow these little gems are sweeter than any of my attempts – they are infused with a childish simplicity that makes me smile.

My son chooses to take pictures of things he loves in the house; the kitchen clock, the kitchen bin, his toys, his parents, his sister. His small world is getting bigger by the minute but for now this is his world – this is his happy.

And so, in what could be the most ill-conceived photo-blog post of all time, allow me to present the photographic gallery of my three year old:

Still Life

Bouncy chair next to bin
‘Bin with chair’ 2016


Toy fire engine
‘Emergency in the horse field’


‘A study of time’


A blurry dark bit of red
‘Untitled 2017’


Treasure chest with feet
‘Self portrait of the artist (treasure chest with feet)’


The Family Portraits

‘Bump 2016’


Half a woman on a chair next to a table
‘Oedipus portrait of Mummy & Daddy’


Woman's eye
‘Eye number 1’


Woman smiling, eyes out of shot


A bit of a baby
‘The sister grab’


Man's head leaning into picture
‘Daddy 2017’


I love them. I love that he’s experimenting and also that he’s taking control – he spends enough time as the subject of photos (more and more reluctantly) and I can see his pride at being the one doing the snapping.

Has your little one discovered the camera function on your phone/ipad!? Share their snaps with me on Instagram @occupationmother or Twitter @puddlemother. I’d love to see! #snaphappyson #snaphappydaughter. And yes I’ve invented my own hashtags. Maybe I’m not quite the technological relic (yet) afterall.

Two Tiny Hands


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12 thoughts on “My Snap Happy Son

  1. This is so adorable! And you all look so happy. I can’t decide which is my favourite… maybe the clock, very modern art. It’s great to see them learning and taking control like that. TM already loves it if he accidentally gets the camera up on my phone by pressing things when it is locked, he sees his own face and is like ‘wow!’ ❤


  2. Hey hey these are so cute. I love this idea all kids like copying their parents it’s only a matter of time before mine is doing this too although I don’t have an ipad but don’t think you will penalise me for that!!


  3. Aw I love this! It is lovely to see what they consider photo worthy. I think he has captured his firetruck beautifully! My eldest is the same, I usually loose my camera when we go on a day out so we bought her her own one for Christmas. A child specific one. She loves it and I love seeing what she things needs to be captured in her world.
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.


  4. I think ‘bin with chair’ is my favourite, a true classic! My son has a kindle and was so excited when he realised he could take photos on it, it’s really lovely to see what they decide to photograph too. x #KCACOLS


  5. Love this. I love seeing some of the photos children take – it’s so interesting to get a glimpse of the world through their eyes and the things that are important to them. I get quite a lot of random photos on the iPad if it’s left unattended! The only downside is when my 3 year old decides to follow me to the loo and take photos of me there. Needless to say they won’t be appearing on your hashtag, or anywhere else for that matter!!


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