Breastfeeding Bites #5. Bracelets & Bangles

Which side this feed? Ahh those familiar words have hurtled round my brain throughout breastfeeding my son and daughter. Twitchy about it I was…my son fed from both sides in one feeding so it was a precoccupation with retaining even breast shape when I’d finished feeding (no scientific evidence to suggest I needed to do that!). My daughter feeds from only one side per feed currently so it’s more about comfort.

Now it sounds like a pretty straightforward ask, yes? I’ve heard whisperings that some people can actually remember or can tell which side is due by how much fuller the breast feels. All well and good unless both sides feel full or neither side feels full or the mini bit of life you’ve squeezed into the brief gap between feeds has made you forget OR you’re just overly anxious…like me! And so methods of remembering are required.

My first technique was a good old pen and paper – think obsessive lists in columns with L and R and the time, the length of feed, the level of humidity in the air…  Indeed with so many things for parents to think about in those early weeks I personally think there are few more useful gifts for new parents than that of a snazzy notebook! My lucky friends, and they were hoping for this:

Old advert for mumm champagne
Thanks Pinterest!

Anyway I soon moved on to the more portable and less time consuming method of a hairband on the wrist. Fine for the short term but, being a bright button, I soon realised the potential for better…much better.

Which leads me (finally) on to jewellery and specifically bracelets. You’ve grown a baby, you’ve given birth and now you’re attempting to keep it alive and vaguely happy with just the contents of your body. If now isn’t a good time to treat yourself, when is!? And the best thing is that this jewellery purchase serves an actual useful purpose beyond simple wrist adornment.

The key with this purchase is ease of take on and take off, you will be swapping it from wrist to wrist multiple times per day. Here are few suggestions to get your started… Well there’s no harm in window shopping is there!?

1. ‘This Side Next’ Band

These are often made from rubber and are given out by various organisations like NCT. Or you can get more braceletty ones like the one pictured from Etsy. Personally I prefer something marginally more subtle but I suppose the instructions work well if you have reached the point of not remembering why you are wearing a new bracelet anyway.

Beaded bracelet with metal band. Text on band says 'this side next'


2. Pupose-Built

If you’re feeling mentally agile, this personal Enigma machine is the one for you. These seem to be able to measure everything – time in between feeds, time of feeds, which side, the works. There are a few variations around, I’ve just picked this one from Izzy’s Mum to demonstrate the option. Good luck cracking the code through the haze of sleep deprivation.

Yellow and silver breastfeeding bracelet


3. Personalised

I’m a sucker for personalised items and think Merci Maman do some lovely bits and bobs. I purchased the infinity bracelet with the names of both my children on it (in case I forget). For this specific breastfeeding purpose I also really like the intertwined style and the eternity bracelet.

pile of orange merci maman boxes


4. A Snazzier Option

There are lots of snazzier options, I mean the sky is the limit when window shopping surely!? But I’m stopping at relatively snazzy Links of London Sweetie XS. I splashed out on one to celebrate a year of breastfeeding my first child, a milestone I didn’t think I would cope getting to! These are pretty to wear on their own or put together with other bracelets; elasticated so very easy to slip on and off; and versatile – you can add charms or get different styles so something for everyone!

Sweetie xs bracelet with hearts Close up of links clasp in sweetie xs bracelet







5. Multi-Purpose

You may find yourself in the market for some teething jewellery when your baby gets older, so why not nip it all in the bud now and start out with teething jewellery!?  There are lots of lovely styles around – these bangles are from Lara & Ollie. Take a gander at their website or head to the fabulous Crab and The Fox online store.

Stack of bangles on a black and white box next to a teething necklace in same colours of green and blues.


6. The Unusual

Finally you could round the circle as it were and make your breastmilk the jewellery. Turning a drop of milk into keepsake charms is something I first heard about from Being Mrs Lynch who reviewed her friend’s jewellery venture, Tree of Opals. Suffice to say I bookmarked it! It’s unusual, yes, but not something I would rule out at the end of breastfeeding…

Charm on a metal band


Right, that’s me shopped out – time to find a tearoom my friends…

See you next time!

Pink Pear Bear

8 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Bites #5. Bracelets & Bangles

  1. Oh these are all fab ideas… something to consider treating myself to next time around maybe?! I always do the weighing trick and hope for the best, much to everyone around me’s amusement/embarrassment! Actually, to be honest he always fed so much when he was small that it didn’t matter. Now I have to be quite vigilant because if you’re going 5 hours between feeds you don’t want to get that wrong!!


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