Holidays and Highlights

‘The seaside makes me happy Mummy’

‘Me too lovebug…’

Little boy sat on the beach playing

I know I’m a sporadic blog-poster at the best of times so you probably won’t really notice the difference, but I’m going on a blogging and an actual holiday. I really feel as though I’ve been winding down at the moment ready to take a little break…refocusing and refreshing my mind.

Before I go (although I’m not going completely, just changing the tempo) I thought I’d indulge in a few reflections. I’ve had a lovely joyous time blogging this year. It has continued in its own unique way to give me an expressive outlet, the little bit of creation I am in control of…it has also provided me with some tangible highlights:


The Creative Mothers Series: I am so proud that there are currently thirteen wonderful women who have shared their thoughts and experiences of creativity and motherhood. I have learnt so much from people’s tales and it has made my own personal reflections and passions run deeper.

If you get a chance to pop by the Creative Mothers page and catch up on any you missed, you won’t regret it! I’ll be publishing guest posts again in the Autumn so if you would like to participate in the series please do get in touch over the Summer.


Tribal Chat: Tuesday evenings are #TribalChat evenings! The brainchild of Katie from Mummy in a Tutu, the Twitter chats quickly developed into a solid supportive group of blogging buddies. It is a positive whirlwind of chat, blogging support, opportunities and friendships.

In May Katie organised the Tribal Chat awards…nominations were in, votes were counted, Twitter was all aflutter, red carpet gowns (pyjamas) were smoothed down and the ceremony was a fast-paced Twitter chat that broke my iPad for a while. I was really touched to be awarded the Writer Award. There’s something incredibly special about being given the nod by peers and I will wear my badge in my sidebar with pride for many moons to come.

Mummy in a Tutu


Blog Awards: On the subject of awards, I decided 2016 was the year to dip my virtual toe into the wider awards scene. I think I’ve peaked with this endeavour by reaching the shortlist for Readers’ Choice in the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards. Given that theory, I will also be keeping that badge in my sidebar forever more too!



Going Public: This year is the year I’ve told a handful more people I know in real life that I blog. I still haven’t told my family, but some friends and acquaintances now know. I could probably overthink the impact of this for an entire blog post but, in short, there hasn’t really been an impact. I don’t think many/any of them read it (although hello if you do!) so I haven’t found it at all constricting. I can still potter on talking to myself!


Southampton Swing Watch: I have been so enjoying the focus this project has given to those days where you just think ‘aaahhh, what now!!?’. The result is I’ve gone a bit overboard on visits and not actually written many up. I will; I am committed to creating a little directory of playareas near me. I will be publishing these, hopefully lots of them, over the coming weeks. But, given that they really are only of interest to people who live within 5-10 miles of me, I don’t think I’ll be setting the wider blogosphere on fire.

I could probably ramble on…and on and on. There have posts I’ve loved writing, comments that have enhanced my way of thinking about things, blogs I’ve loved reading, people I’ve loved connecting with and blogging events I’ve enjoyed attending. But I will stop now, we’re already entering verbose territory…so what will I be doing on my blogging slowdown apart from blogging every now and then?

I will mostly be dabbling about at the seaside. Hopefully getting stuck into a bit of sandcastle building:



Partaking in better seaside picnics than this one:

Child eating a tin of baked beans


And spending even more quality time with my personal sunshine before his sibling invasion begins:

Boy at seaside


I hope you all have summers of fun planned and enjoy whatever pace you decide to go at. Toodle-oo!




Diary of an imperfect mum

41 thoughts on “Holidays and Highlights

  1. What an amazing year you have had lovely lady! All of
    Your awards, shortlisted, nominations are so well deserved. I love your writing. Have an excellent summer break! 🌸 Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉


  2. What a fab year, you should be very proud of yourself! Have a wonderful summer holiday, I too am looking forward to ten whole days of relaxation next week, no blogging, no link ups, no pressure. Just lots of sunshine (I hope!!) and ice cream…and a few gallons of wine! #stayclassymama


  3. We all need hoidays, don’t we? I know I’m starting to feel summer burnout – the latest post on my blog is actually about that. My holiday is the first week of August. I can’t wait!
    Enjoy yourself, and hopefully you’ll come back refreshed with a few ideas for your next blog posts!


  4. That was a really cool round up of the year. As a newish blogger myself it’s fab to see what you’ve achieved over that time. Your part about not telling some people about your blog really resonated as I’ve only told a few v close friends and certainly not all my family because my blog is my bit of space. I’ll be taking a big break in Aug too. Have a fab holiday. #stayclassymama


    1. Oh how interesting, another quiet blogger…it’s funny isn’t it. I can’t imagine my family knowing…I do feel a bit bad at times but I just don’t think I’d want to write knowing they’d read it. And, as I say, most of the friends I’ve told I don’t think read it, although I don’t know…sometimes I’ll be taken by surprise! Thank you for your comment. Enjoy your break too X

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Congratulations on an amazing bloggy year lovely! Hope you have a fantastic and well deserved holiday. We’ll all still be here when you get back and we’ll be keen to hear what your holiday had in store for you (photographic evidence of your sandcastle skills please) ;0) xx


    1. Sandcastles started with avengeance today…I got really into it. My son was more into finding HUGE stones to go on top of each tower and thereby spoldging each tower into mounds. I made a sandy pile rather that a sandycastle today….
      Thank you lovely…’see’ you soon! X

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Well, I’d say that’s a pretty successful year right there -enjoy your well earned break. I think it’s a good time to do it as lots of people will be slowing down over the summer holiday. See you at the other side, refreshed and raring to go! x #coolmumclub


  7. Lucy this is so gorgeous, I love reading your highlights and I think it’s wonderful how much you’ve enjoyed blogging this past year. It’s been just fab to ‘meet’ you and I am sure you will enjoy your wind-down. I can’t wait to read about your new arrival ❤️❤️ #ablogginggoodtime & #stayclassymama


  8. Enjoy your holiday and blog break..will miss reading your blog while you’re I would totally read your Southampton swing watch posts! I am debating what to do with my blog in the next few months as, like you, I want to enjoy my last few weeks with just Leo before his baby brother arrives and everything turns to chaos!Have absolutely no clue how I’m going to blog at all when I have a newborn to look after and am sleep deprived!Congrats on your awards and nominations by the way, all very well deserved xx #blogginggoodtime


    1. Thank you very much. It’s tricky isn’t it…I’m gaily saying I’ll be back in the autum but in all honesty will I!? Or will I be a sleep deprived mess barely surviving let alone blogging. I suppose time will tell. I hope you have a smooth rest of pregnancy, a lovely summer and an enjoyable meet of your new baby xx


  9. You almost bought me to tears here. It’s daft but I am really missing your tribal presence! I laughed out loud at your beans on the bench picture. It’s things like this that I miss! Cold beans though? I can’t bring myself to do this. You have achieved loads this year and you should be really proud. I am glad I met you and wish you lots of sandcastle fun in the coming monthish with your little man. I have 3 paragraphs written for my creative mother post, I think I’ll have finished it by autumn. Take care and keep in touch. x x x


  10. A little break is always good for the soul, I think.

    It must have been interesting ‘coming out’ as an anonymous blogger. I still find it slightly jarring when someone you know suddenly pipes up and mentions your blog. I’ve had a few work colleagues, school teachers etc say that to me and my response is usually something suitably classy along the lines of “Wuh-uh?” I even had someone from Hootsuite approach me at a networking event this week and start spouting details about my kids and stuff he had been researching on my blog. After considering whether or not to take out a restraining order against him, I politely declined his offer to sell me his professional services …


    1. Ooo crumbs, unnerving!
      It was interesting – I’m never quite sure whether people will have read something or not. I assume not and then they may make a comment which takes me completely by surprise…
      Breaks are definitely good for the soul, I wholeheartedly agree!


  11. Aw have a wonderful holiday lovely 🙂 I love your Creative Mothers’ Series and your blog altogether – I was so happy to see you nominated for the BiBs Readers Choice, so very well deserved. I think it’s fab to take a little blogging break to enjoy your holiday and I will be doing the same when I go away in August! xx #stayclassymama


  12. Have a lovely holiday my dear, real and blogging. Iv loved getting to know you and your brilliant blog, it really is fab and always a great read. Hope to see you back son but when you’re ready and can’t wait to hear about the new arrival. All the best lovey xx #ablogginggoodtime


  13. Such a lovely post, I especially like the quote at the beginning. So many wonderful awards as well, and you completely deserve all of them. I discovered your blog somewhere on some linky and have loved it ever since. It’s always nice to take a mini break, so I hope you enjoy. I would say try not to think about blogging or anything stressful, just enjoy and be mindful. Thanks for making me smile and sharing with #StayClassyMama!


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