The Montcalm at The Brewery

The last Friday in June saw my husband and me enjoying a rare afternoon and evening adventuring together just the two of us. The site for our adventuring was London (I was heading to BML16 the next day) and I say adventuring, I think that may be pushing the experience and your expectations of this post past the point of reality. It was not a day for adventuring, it was a day for mooching, pottering, resting.

First up in our bid to relax and soak up the sights of our capital was the choice of a bus ride from London Waterloo to our destination. I grant you this may not be absolutely everyone’s idea of a relax, but what other way can you cheaply and slowly (very slowly on a Friday afternoon) see the sights? Taxis are too expensive to be truly relaxing; the tube is efficient but viewless and the idea of getting my husband on a ‘Boris Bike’ is frankly laughable.

After a short distance and long journey we bundled ourselves off outside the monolithic maze of the Barbican and took a short stroll to our destination for the evening: The Montcalm at the Brewery, London City.

As guests approach the entrance of this hotel they are met with what seems to be a real feature – a helpful and friendly member of staff. After pleasantries and when you’re through the door I would recommend looking up first – there’s a pretty snazzy chandelier – then eyes right at the water wall…I love a water wall…

If you haven’t tripped up by now you can make your way to another friendly and helpful member of staff – my husband counted eleven members of staff at this point all ready and willing to offer assistance of some sort. Find yourself a check-in person and commence with your official arrival…

You will next find yourself escorted to your room and possibly provided with a map. The hotel is situated in The Brewery – a puzzle of a historic building with corridors, steps, roundy-bout bits and bridges.

At your room, you will be farewelled and left to enjoy whatever you find inside…

For us we had a feeling it was going to be pretty lovely – not sure what gave it away, it might have been when the receptionist elegantly delivered the news of an upgrade or maybe it was when we saw the room plaque:

Door plaque 'WOW Suite'


We were not disappointed…

The room boasted a lovely four poster bed with a thoughtful addition of a special pillow for me (and a mobile phone should it be required on your adventuring round London):

Four-poster bed with pregnancy pillow


A good sized lounging area:Four poster bed with sofa & coffee table at the end


And a snazzy ensuite:

Silver and black tiles with sink in the ensuite



This wasn’t our first stay here and an abiding memory of our previous visit was this fun window from the bedroom to the ensuite (there is a blind you can bring down for moments when you may want a bit more privacy!). I think it’s really clever as not only does it makes a small room seem more spacious (not that this particular room was small), but, if you’re so inclined, you can sign language to your roommate for bathtime refreshments…perfect!

Window from room through to bath


I’m not sure we maximised our time in London especially, but the room was so well equipped we didn’t really feel any need to go anywhere. Friendly knocks on the door at various intervals proved to be charming offers of refreshments such as this scrummy welcome basket (which has got me addicted to dried cranberries):

Welcome basket of dried fruit and nuts


…a fruit bowl, along with orange juice and water, and finally these delightful morsels, like little smiles on a  plate:

Colourful macaroons with strawberries and chocolate sprinkles/flakes


We made a dent in all the offerings, we peered at the swish coffee machine and enjoyed the wonderful selection of teas…those lovely ones that are in those little silk bags with loose leaves inside. At the risk of sounding like my son with fireman poles at playgrounds, however, there was no teapot. I do love a teapot. BUT, unlike a fireman pole at a playground, I’m quite sure a teapot would have been provided in a flash if it had bothered me enough to ask.

So to conclude this ramble round our hotel room…it was fab. Our hotel stay was turned into a hotel experience thanks to the kindness of the staff, the warm welcome and the comfort of the room. My jaded sportsman husband who has spent far too much time in hotels around the world, and doesn’t find them anywhere near as exciting as most people (ok, me…and my son), also concluded that it was pretty special. So if you find yourself needing to stay in the City of London anytime soon I would highly recommend this hotel. I’m quite sure we’ll be back for a third visit at some point.

You can find out more information on the hotel amenities, room types and booking information here

I received a discount for my room this trip (which was then upgraded on arrival) but all opinions and cronky photos are my own!

Diary of an imperfect mum

23 thoughts on “The Montcalm at The Brewery

  1. Wowzas!! What a gorgeous room

    I’ve actually stayed at Mont Calm before as part of Sharon’s work do’s. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and like you said, the staff are something very special – a rarity in fact. Did you go for breakfast? It’s my favourite part of staying overnight in a hotel.

    Although our room was lovely, this by far beats it tenfold. That glass wall in between the bedroom and bathroom is especially saucy!


    1. So true that the staff are a bit of a rarity. It definitely makes for a more pleasant stay even if you don’t leave the room much! We didn’t go for breakfast actually – I’m 100% with you on it being a favourite part of a hotel stay – but I did fill up on food for pretty much all of the next day at BML so probably a good thing I didn’t!
      Hope you get to stay there again – lovely destination for a work do


  2. “A good sized lounging area”?! The whole room is like a palace! Looks like the most utterly blissful place to stay, I’m glad you had such a nice time. I think the cranberries *just* make up for the erroneous lack of teapot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was really lovely – a very nice surprise. I am now on the hunt for dried cranberries, I devoured them and I wonder why I haven’t made them a feature of my life before now…where have I been!? Thank you for commenting X

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Try Waitrose. Or…the relaunched fruit and veg shop along Portswood high street, they have all that sort of thing now! Dizzy times…


      2. Yes waitrose…I saw some today but so expensive. Then my plan was to go to veg shop later but I got off the bus too far up the high st to walk back down and back up before preschool …but good shout, they do all sorts now! Ooo the possibilities. And why I’ve told you the minutiae of my day I don’t know, sorry…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Sounds like a day almost, almost as scintillating and vibrant as mine. Or try rice up whole foods in town?

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh it’s beautiful!! I will definitely be looking to stay there if I ever get a baby free night in London. I do love hotels, too!! Great staff is so important I think and makes a huge difference to your experience.

    Oh and I think you can get dried cranberries in Holland and Barrett babes 😘 X


  4. Gosh this looks totally amazing and that bathroom is like something out of footballers wives! I would have eaten that whole plate of macaroons I’m minutes! Glad you got some luxury Hun. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉


  5. Oh this looks fabulous – when we were leaving I had a little nosey in, and it looked so beautiful! I’m loving the four poster bed and it just looks so relaxing. We’ll have to re-live BML again so I can experience this 😉 #ablogginggoodtime


  6. Oh wow that sounds just perfect! Especially as it was a relaxing evening and some quality husband and wife time! So glad you had a fab time, and thanks for the great review! 🙂 xxx #ablogginggoodtime


  7. That really is a wow suite. It looks utterly divine and the service and treatment sounds perfection. It is definitely somewhere I would consider staying should I be frequenting London. Glad you enjoyed lovey xx #ablogginggoodtime


  8. Look at that bed!! I don’t often visit London so I always get touristy excitement when I read about it. I love your description ‘monolithic maze’ you have such a beautiful way of describing the most ordinary things. I am happy you had a lovely relaxing time! #ablogginggoodtime


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