18 Million Things – Summer Edition

This series is where I indulgently fill up my pocket of the Internet with the virtual pebbles, receipts and loose change of memories I want to keep of my son.

He’s nearly three and we veer between total gorgeousness and utter chaos. I’m writing this today after he randomly and deliberately decided to upturn a large cup of tea onto the lounge carpet, throw a hard unidentifiable toy object at me in anger and then play ‘sandcastles’ with an almost-but-not-quite empty pot of yoghurt.

Yep, so obviously it’s not all roses and sparkles but actually quite a lot of it is – life is silly and fun and innocent and dramatic and the world hasn’t encroached on our bubble yet.


So my little ‘nearly three’ year old – there are at least 18 million things I think are rather snazzy about you, and they include:

The way you try to hear the sea in seashells, even when you are standing next to the sea

The way you look like the Statue of Liberty in your hair-washing hat (yes we have a hair-washing hat)

The way you enthusiastically introduce yourself to other children, and often adults, with your name, age and full address

Your continued fascination with coins, buttons, and your Swashbuckle jewels – you will play and sort them all into bags, bowls, cement mixers, lorries and buckets for hours
Buttons and coins and a pointing toddler finger

The way you repeatedly ‘hide’ your aforementioned Swashbuckle jewels in testing games of memory and frustration that ensure at least one is actually lost at all times

The way you wave one arm around really, really fast – like a windmill – when you want us to ‘come see’

The way you say things are low down and ‘high down’

Your love of motorbikes but fear of noisy ones

Your fascination with coffee machines despite us not having one and your detailed percolation of the bath water through a series of stacking cups when you make us ‘coffee’ in the bath

Your response to me saying that something/anything drives me up the wall… ‘Topsy & Tim drive you up the wall Mummy’

The way you  make ‘jelly’ in your milk (and remind me of being little) by blowing extraordinarily impressive bubbles with your straw

Your love for preschool, your enthusiasm for your ‘preschool friends’ and your back facing me, hand in the air, over the shoulder goodbyes

Your beautiful statements that still take me by surprise of ‘Mummy?…I love you so much’

The way, when you’re recounting something, you say ‘it was a couple of weeks ago now’ or ‘a couple of years ago’ regardless of when ‘it’ actually was

Your go-with-the-flow toddler attitude to life that means you are always open to trying new things and new experiences – I’ve learnt to say ‘yes’ more thanks to you

The way you adore cricket and can reinact specific bowling actions you’ve seen and remember strange scoring rules:
‘how do you score five runs Mummy?’,
‘ummm’ as I try desperately to remember…
‘It’s when the ball hits someone’s hat Mummy.’

Your LOVE of bin lorries and bins – the way you tell us every day what all the different bins outside are; the way you will ‘sort’ toys/clothes/anything you can get your hands on into recycling, glass and ‘normal rubbish’; and the way you ARE a bin:
Son on sofa with legs in the air being a bin tipping into a bin lorry

The random way lobsters feature a noticeable amount in your imaginative play scenarios

The way your ongoing love of clocks has expanded to bells

The way you’ve taken to calling us ‘Mummy Sir!’ and ‘Daddy Sir!’

Your success in your role as the midwife’s assistant; remembering which button to press on the doppler and searching until you find the swoosh: ‘that’s my baby’

The way I’m cherishing our one-on-one time together now and I’m realising that, while I’m sure I’ll learn a whole lot of new things with your sibling, I first learnt to be a Mother with you.

Son with bowl on his head

Little Hearts, Big Love
Diary of an imperfect mum

14 thoughts on “18 Million Things – Summer Edition

    1. Thanks Sassy! So wonderful…the enthusiasm that doesn’t wane either. I was seriously flagging at 6pm this evening and yet he was still making jokes and finding the energy to charge around. I don’t know how they do it! X


  1. What an absolute character!!!! This is just beautiful, and made me smile, and wonder at the minds of small children! I love that he introduces himself with his name, age, and full address! That is surely cuteness personified! We had a moment in the car today-my 2, are arch enemies, who actually loathe each other most of the time, but we parked up the car, I turned around, and they were holding hands… I burst into tears…! They were grinning at each other too, it was such a rare display of affection. They held on long enough for me to get a picture too!!


    1. Oh that’s gorgeous! What a special little moment and well done on a picture too. Thank you for commenting, it’s a very indulgent little series but useful to remember some of the good and quirks of their little lives…the address thing is worrying – we were so surprised and quite proud that he knew his address but he is unfiltered…he clearly has NO concept of stranger danger!! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw this is so lovely! Wonderful all the things they come out with. Especially when they surprise you and tell you they love you. Tbf topsy and Tim do probably drive most people up the wall 😉 #ftmb


  3. What a gorgeous post and so many lovely little things to love about your son. I used to love it when I was a midwife and older siblings would try and “help” me listen to the baby’s heart – it’s so lovely to be able to include them. Love your son saying “Mummy Sir!” and “Daddy Sir!” and saying about things driving you up the wall – so funny. Thank you for sharing this with #ftmob 🙂


  4. This is so adorable – I love the picture on the couch!! It is so wonderful to remember all the beautiful qualities they have when they are young. We also have a button lover (and zips too) in the house 🙂 I love how he waves his arm like a windmill to call you over, so cute. Lovely post x #ablogginggoodtime


  5. I love this series – what a great way to capture your son as he moves through different stages in his life. I’m intrigued by this hair washing hat – does it help with hair washing? Because that’s the Popple’s least favourite part of bath time. I’m open to anything. #ablogginggoodtime


  6. Oh doesn’t he just sound adorable, mummy sir. That really made me chuckle. Along with the frequent use of lobsters, there’s no imagination like a little ones imagination eh. Such a lovely and heart warming post xx #ablogginggoodtime


  7. OH god this has made my eyes leak a little. I want to meet him (and you of course!) as he just sounds like the most charming little guy. I especially love the bit about him listening for his baby’s heartbeat, beautiful. Also being a bin is utterly hilarious, as is ‘Topsy and Tim drive you up the wall Mummy’. Oh he’s just utterly precious and I am so glad you’re recording all this. Gorgeous xxxx #ablogginggoodtime


  8. awww ive welled up. youve made me want to go and grab a pen and paper and write down anything about bubba that I am scared I am going to forget. I take so many pictures each day but I am worried that I am going to forget the little things, Thank you for reminding me… and who doesnt love buttons!!

    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime #triballove


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