I’m Going to #BML16 – A Blogging Bonanza!

Yes I’ve just used alliteration, an exclamation mark AND a hashtag in the title of this post – #amiacoolbloggernow

The reason for my foray into savvy social media mode is because in June I will be attending a blogging conference called BritMums Live 2016 or BML16 (clue was in my title). This is a HUGE blogging conference held in London and organised by BritMums – the biggest collective of lifestyle bloggers and social influencers. Ever. The conference aims to bring together some of these fantastic peeps to meet, socialise, network with brands, improve their skills and fire their creativity.

Now I can see why you’re still confused – you’re reading my blog thinking ‘lifestyle blogger’? ‘Social influencer’? Well ok, but apparently the good people at BritMums let in all sorts of waifs and strays as well, so I’m going and I’m excited – anything that suggests I may learn something, get a creative shot and meet my peers is a winner in my eyes.

I don’t know how but I’ve managed to down load three badges in one – just in case anyone is in doubt I AM GOING

Three #BML16 I'm Going badges

This post is all about pre-event mingling; a blog post meme for me to let other delegates know I’m going, that we’re in it together and to say a virtual hello before we say our real life hellos.

My Name:

My Blog:
THIS is my blog, right here where you are now.

Find me on Social Media:
Twitter: @puddlemother
Facebook: occupation: (m)other is indeed on Facebook here

How I Look:
According to various family members I look tired, weary, pale, too bony (you need to get some meat on you), too big (sure it’s not twins?). You get the idea.

Or maybe you don’t. Ok well I’m be six months pregnant in June, I have extraordinarily big ears and I hope I’ll be wearing a name badge – feel free to peer. At the badge, not the ears.

Is #BML16 My First Blogging Event?:
No it’s not. I attended the Mumsnet conference in November, Blogfest. There was lots of name badge peering at that one too.

I Will Be Wearing:
I’d love to know. I am having daily sartorial struggles at the moment, but I have just discovered Harem Pants (I know, where have I been!?). They are not particularly smart, but they are the closest things to pyjamas without being pyjamas that I’ve got, so maybe those? With some other bits of clothing for decency. Oh and I’ll be jingling too.

What I Hope to Gain From #BML16:
Interesting question. The agenda looks brilliant, I have already made preliminary decisions about the sessions I’d like to attend. Attending the Mumsnet conference was the catalyst I needed to launch my Creative Mothers Series so I’m hoping for a bit of an injection of impetus or clarity with some other ideas I’ve got about my blog.

My Tips for a Great Conference:
– Don’t be shy. I mean possibly the neon sign above your head saying ‘look at me’ isn’t the way to go either, but do say hello to people
– If you’ve got lots of people you want to meet, make a list before the event. Is this a weird, stalkery tip? Possibly but I’m doing it.
– Make notes in sessions that interest you
– It’s a long day, be prepared for a slump – eat cake when this happens
– Have an open mind
– IF you see someone standing or drifting on their own looking uncomfortable, say hello. I will always be grateful to Clare at Mumsy Midwife for being the hello sayer to me at Mumsnet.

Lots of cupcakes with icing, they look chocolate in rainbow wrappers!

The Rest of My Conference Weekend:
Oh come one, we’re all nosy aren’t we!? I will be dining out with my husband on the train on Friday lunchtime – a ‘gourmet’ picnic of hastily put together sandwiches, an iced bun each and maybe some olives. And then we will meander plan-less for an afternoon through the golden streets of our capital, before he bids me farewell at my hotel.

I will be staying at the lovely Montcalm at The Brewery. In a nice circular coincidence I last stayed there when I was six months pregnant with my first child. I’m really looking forward to staying here again – I remember an interesting and historic building; I remember my bump and I being very comfortable last time;  I remember an impressive ensuite…AND I only have to roll out of bed, attempt to make myself look less pale and weary and stumble a mere matter of metres to the conference.

So there you go…that’s me.


I am genuinely fizzy-excited to meet you!


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48 thoughts on “I’m Going to #BML16 – A Blogging Bonanza!

  1. Eeeeek! I’m so excited to meet you.

    What a brilliant post – totally made it your own. Really made me giggle. Kicks mine out of the water!

    We LOVE the Mont Calm. We’ve stayed there a few times as part of Sharon’s Christmas do’s (small world) – I agree the ensuite is impressive. It’s huge.


    1. Ahh me too…so excited! I meandered and waffled in this post, glad you liked it though
      Ooo nice place to stay for Christmas dos…I seem to remember a snazzy glass wall affair in the ensuite too but couldn’t one hundred percent remember? Will be reporting back!
      See you next month!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I hope you have a brilliant time – I’d love to have come and met you (and the tribe) but baby boy is being christened that weekend! Have an amazing time chicka xxx #triballove


  3. Yay! Looking forward to meeting you! i looked at the Montcalm-it looks amaze. See you soon! Oh, and making a list of people you want to meet is a great idea. #triballove


  4. Oh that hotel looks fab and I don’t think you could get any closer to the venue! Looking forward to meeting you.x


  5. Damn, you think the neon sign too much – shall I send it back? Ha ha, too funny – can’t wait to meet you lovely and stare at your name badge and check out how you rock the harem pants! I think i’m going to be a bit giddy with excitement. Can’t wait to meet you lovely xx #triballove


  6. All these fantastic posts about BML are making me super jealous! Wish I could go so I could meet all you wonderful people. Hope you have a fantastic time and am sure the badge and the blogging talent will draw the eye from those ears that you are so worried about! #TribalLove


    1. Haha I don’t know about the talent but yes I’m sure the badge will do the trick! Wish you could go too, but there’ll be plenty more opportunities and blogging events to look forward to. Thank you for commenting x


  7. I read this with all kinds of mixed feelings, you make me laugh lots and I’m excited for you and the rest of the tribe but… I won’t be there!! Aaaaaah, sad times. Send me lots of selfies and pass on all the good tips. I will have a drink for you in York haha! #triballove #KCACOLS


  8. its my second conference too, with blogfest being the first that I have been to. Hope to meet up with lots of people. thanks for linking up to #KCACOLS hope to see you again next week


  9. I am hoping to get to a blogging conference at some point, I really think it will help me with my blog.
    Hope you have a fantastic time.


  10. I must admit, when I first found out there were blogging conferences I was like, eh??
    Now I’m just pure jealous that I won’t get to come and hang out with you all although am seriously considering coming to gatecrash in the pub after! Have a FAB time x


  11. You have attended a good few conferences! I hope we get a chance to say hi at some stage. Love your three badges – very enthusiastic lol x


  12. Great post! Have a fab time and enjoy meeting, greeting and all those lovely things:) I’m not going but would so love to be there staring at name badges and plucking up the courage to chat with all the lovely bloggers I feel I am staring to get to know. There’s plenty of time. For now, have a fab time and I look forward to reading your post afterwards and your tweets while your there….eek, now that’s how you do
    Have fun


    1. Hahaha! I love this comment! Anyone who says ‘now that’s how you do stalkerish’! I remember loads of brilliant posts and tweets about it last year so yes there should definitely be enough webby wise to give a flavour. As you say there is plenty of time to tick off all these things. Thank you for commenting x


    1. Oh I’m sure there’ll be lots written up about it- – I recall last year seeing lots of really useful posts about bloggy learning things. I don’t think anything I write will teach anyone anything but we’ll see!


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