The Highs and Little Lows of Middle Pregnancy

I think it’s fair to say I wasn’t the happiest I’ve ever been in the early weeks and months of this pregnancy. The sickness, tiredness and general feeling of illness coupled with the normal first trimester anxiety and hormonal maelstrom was not the best mix. The sickness lingered but did finally bid me farewell at around 18 weeks…a little later than I had hoped, much earlier than some people experience.

My last post on this theme covered mostly the lows of that time with only a few chinks of light by way of highs. Writing it was a purge and now it’s time for a celebration. What a difference a month or so makes! If you’re reading this in the miserable throes of early pregnancy, take heart…it may get a huge amount better for you soon.

Not Being, Feeling or Thinking About…Sick
What a freedom it is to be able to enjoy food again! And enjoying it I am. No longer do I wake up and struggle to think of something, anything to force down. No, I am a veritable two-breakfasts and two-dinners food machine and I am loving it.

Leaving the House
I HAVE LEFT THE HOUSE…LOTS. Yes, not only have I left my bed, I have left the house…I would go as far as to say that I am functioning as a normal member of society again. I’m a tired, achey, tiny bit moany member of society but I’m back in it and that’s what counts.

Mattress Topper
Ok, this sounds a little dull but trust me THIS has been the best thing I have ever bought, ever…no more nighttime aches from pregnancy hips and back. I sink (in a good way) into a soft, comfortable, supportive puddle of foam and I sleep long and peacefully…well as peacefully and as long as my son allows anyway. Talking of my son, he loves it too…excitedly exclaiming the morning he saw it ‘mummy you’ve built me a bridge!’. That may hint at who this is less of a pregnancy bonus for…yep my husband, admittedly the topper was a tad larger than anticipated but I’m sure he’ll get used to sleeping in the sliver of bed he’s been left with…

Topper taking up two thirds of a bed
Can you tell which is my side!?

The Scans
Ok technically one of these fell in the early pregnancy section but I will include them here now both have been dispensed with. Of course these are medical examinations and should be treated as such, but what a revelation these ones were compared with three years ago… I’m assuming some sort of training has taken place.

For these we were made to feel completely at ease; the sonographers were sensitive to the natural anxiety we had about our baby’s health; they were slow and thorough with both examinations; I was communicated with ALL the way through; they were completely considerate to the importance of these checks for the parents not just for policy AND they have installed big screens. If a red carpet and a glass of bubbly had appeared I would only have been marginally surprised.

The Bump
IT’S HUGE. Well it is for me. I’m bumping about this time as I was at seven months-plus last time. I’m trying not to think about how big and unmanageable it could all actually get by seven months, I’m just enjoying having a bit more of an obviously pregnant tummy rather people not being one hundred percent sure if it’s pasta or baby.

A high and a low…I’ve got some pretty things to wear like this lovely necklace, but you can’t just wear a necklace, you’ll get thrown out of Waitrose probably. The trouble is not only am I rubbish at clothes shopping normally, I’m even more rubbish at clothes shopping with a toddler…well I’m not rubbish at it, I just don’t do it. I’m going to make ASOS my friend I think and in the meantime I’m having to be a bit ‘inventive’.

Toddler Midwifery
Although previously enthusiastic (if not entirely reassuring) about doctoring, my son has now started to take on some midwife duties too. He loves getting his stethoscope out and finding ‘his brother or sister’ then slightly crossing his eyes and staring in the middle distance as he ‘listens’ to the the heartbeat…or the drilling, who knows.

At our most recent actual midwife appointment he was given the Doppler…such concentration, then his little face completely lit up when the machine started fuzzing… ‘that’s my sister’. I probably need to think more about how to put that moment into words…it was the highest of highs.

Son holding my hand, midwife with Doppler on tummy

And finally…

The Lows
Did I mention I’m tired, achey and a bit moany with nothing to wear!?

The Pramshed
Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

32 thoughts on “The Highs and Little Lows of Middle Pregnancy

  1. I’m in the early stages of pregnancy and I’m really trying not to worry on miscarrying. I’ve never had one (to my knowledge) but when we started trying to conceive, I learned how common they were. I’m happy with every bout of queasiness and cramp I get because it tells me I’m still pregnant! I do wish I could fast forward to 2nd trimester so it’s “safer” to start announcing though! P.S. That’s adorable that your son heard the heartbeat!!!! Too bad you didn’t film that moment!


    1. Not worrying too much sounds like a very sensible plan…what will be will be. I know exactly what you mean about the feelings being reassuring, I definitely felt that to a degree…it was just a bit relentless this time! We definitely should have filmed it, lucky to get a photo just after it though – we’re both a bit rubbish at cameras! Thank you for commenting, good luck with your pregnancy x

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  2. I’m so happy you are past those horrible first months of sickness. I had it too, so I really sympathies. ASOS is/was my friend as well, so I hope you find something nice – besides the necklace, though I’m sure you’d look fab just wearing that 🙂

    Nadia – ScandiMummy x


    1. Haha! It would be terrifying! Oh interesting, you have fab style…I’m definitely going to have a scoot around ASOS! Sorry you struggled with sickness too…isn’t it the best feeling when it disappears!? Thank you for commenting x


  3. Aww did I hear you mention ‘I’m a tired, achey, tiny bit moany member of society???’ but I love the fact that you said ‘but I’m back in it and that’s what counts’ – absolutely – so pleased otherwise you just get so lost in those four walls – never good for anyone! Glad you’re feeling a lot brighter – it is such an exciting time – i’m a teeny weeny bit envious! Love your little boy’s reaction to hearing the heartbeat of his sister! #fortheloveofBLOG


  4. I totally agree – once you get past that awful first trimester, things start to get MUCH better. The relief I felt after that 20 week scan was immense – I’m so glad you had a positive experience. The only big issue I had in middle pregnancy was I started to get aching hips at night when I was trying to sleep. That’s where the giant pregnancy pillow came in – it took up 3/4ths of the bed and it was WONDERFUL. I miss it. #fortheloveofBLOG


    1. Ooo yes, good reminder. I’ve got a giant pillow in the loft. My poor husband! So far the more giant topper is working wonders but I suppose that won’t last. Relief is definitely the word…I feeeelll freeeee!! X


  5. I remember the sheer joy when my morning sickness finished! Everyone else was saying how theirs had finished at 12 weeks and mine continued to about sixteen weeks. A monumental occasion! That’s a gorgeous picture and a lovely update 🙂 #KCACOLS


  6. Ahhh pregnancy. It’s all so magical…NOT! I hated being pregnant and I don’t mind who knows it – I had Hyperemesis and vomited for nine months. That does not make for a fun and blooming time lol. So glad to hear that your sickness has settled down now lovely, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Fingers crossed you can start to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! x #fortheloveofBLOG


    1. Oh no, that must have been AWFUL. I feel for you so so much. Nine months of the four I had, but so so so much worse? I don’t think I could have coped. I guess you just do somehow but not at all easy. I hope you had brilliant support and enjoyed the feeling of not being pregnant!

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  7. My morning sickness stopped at 14 weeks, i still vision the throwing up all over the toilet seat and the wall next to it. i just couldnt get there quick enough. my husband was laughing so much he nearly wet himself! i just sat in vomit crying! we laugh about it now! xx



  8. Somehow I missed this post, sorry. I was enormous in pregnancy but you cope, somehow…!! I’m glad you are enjoying this bit of pregnancy more. I can’t imagine being pregnant with a toddler (although hopefully I will experience that) so I think you’re amazing! Love the picture of the bed, makes me chuckle and E helping the midwife is seriously adorable!! Ellen x PS I apologise, as usual, for my excessive use of exclamation marks…


    1. I love your exclamation marks!!!! I don’t mind getting bigger, I just hope we don’t have a hot summer. I love my bed now so much, so so much. Husband not so much! I can’t wait to see E with his baby sister…I think there will be challenges (a lot) but a whole new dimension to having a new baby. Thank you for commenting lovely x


  9. I remember that feeling of waking up one day and realising I didn’t feel sick anymore – it was wonderful! And I ‘showed’ much earlier second time round than I did in my first pregnancy! x #KCACOLS


  10. Aw I remember this part of pregnancy so well and it felt awesome!! I had a pretty sicky first trimester too, I was projectile vomiting all over the place (haha) so I was so relieved at 15 weeks to be free from it. I was the same and just ate everything I could and lots of it! I am totally with you with the mattress topper and thought it your little one is so cute helping with the midwifery duties, sounds like he’ll be an amazing big brother xx #triballove #KCACOLS


    1. I am so sorry my reply to this is so late…ugh your first trimester sounds dreadful lovely. The relief is completely amazing, I am in total love with food! It was so cute…he doesn’t say a lot of the right things, but I think when the time comes he;ll be a sweetie (most of the time). Thank you for commenting, apologies again for the lateness x

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  11. So glad you are feeling better lovey, getting out and about must be great. I am so jealous of the guilt free two breakfasts and dinners if there is one thing I miss about pregnancy it is definitely the bottomless pit of food. Love that photo too, it’s gorge. Xx #forheloveofBLOG


    1. Thank you so much. Yes the double breakfasts are the best – one in bed and one later downstairs. Then dinner, one with my son and one later with my husband. To be fair I did this a lot before being pregnant as well…oops! I am so sorry for my delayed responses to comments, I don’t know where this week has gone! X

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  12. That mattress topper looks AMAZING! Glad you’re past the sickness mostly and hope it stays away. Thanks for sharing on #KCACOLS and hope you can link with Franca on Sunday x


  13. I’m glad it’s getting much better! How sweet your son got to use the doppler – never thought of that with Toddler (but, thinking about it, she was probably a bit young!). The mattress topper sounds amazing. I can’t tell you how little effort I made with pregnancy wardrobe! I objected to the idea of buying loads of maternity clothes I wouldn’t wear again, and I got lucky on not showing much. I wore a selection of my normal skirts that would sit under bump, my jeans with a little button extender for top button, and bought some bigger size jumpers/floaty tops from primark to cover everything up! That was it. Looked rubbish probably, but it was worth it for the amount I resent the idea of having to get maternity clothes! 😀 #KCACOLS


    1. That’s what I did first time….it just hasn’t been possible this time! You trumped the Doppler experience though giving the toddler a front row seat for the birth!! Thank you for commenting on what is essentially an update. Sigh x


  14. So pleased to hear that the sickness has left you! I was sick for a long long time and I very clearly remember the unrelentingness of it all and what a huge impact it had on me. And hurrah for ASOS! Best place for maternity wear 🙂 #KCACOLS


    1. Such an impact…I think that is exactly the right word…and that it is relentless. Ugh I am so glad to see the back of it. Yes agreed on ASOS. Thank you for commenting and sorry for my delay in replying x


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