A Gift for My Unborn Child

I can’t sing. I love singing and so I sing a lot, but I’m not good at it. I also love talking, wittering really – mostly to my husband and son so it’s contained, don’t worry. By the time my unborn child is born they will have become extremely well acquainted with my voice…and the voice of their, now two and half year old, brother.

Is that it? I hear you ask. Is that the poor child’s gift? Well fortunately no. And now you may need to brace yourselves…I think I may, possibly, perhaps be about to veer into lifestyle territory…

For both a baby’s comfort and the parents’ sanity I’m a great believer in the need to have as many techniques as possible up a sleeve to help ease a newborn’s transition from womb to world. My first son was a calm newborn, probably naturally, but maybe because he was often to be found bobbing (upright and supported!) in a deep bucket of warm water in a darkened room with white noise blaring out from the CD player.

And it’s the noise that I think was key. A baby’s hearing starts to develop from the 16th week of pregnancy and the womb is not a quiet place…with whooshing fluids, maternal heartbeat, the muffled crashes of the outside world, and the vibrations of the mother’s voice, whatever their singing ability. We are well versed in how to recreate those noises for newborns – if you don’t have a CD, get an app…if you don’t have an app try the Hoover or hairdryer! And if you couple white noise with the mother’s talking and singing, plus the mother’s heartbeat in a close cuddle you’re at least a little bit further down the (sometimes long) road to newborn peace than you’d be without it.

So I am really delighted to have recently found one more tool for ‘fourth trimester’ settling, and it’s a slightly more delicate tool than a bucket or a Hoover – it comes in the form of a rather beautiful piece of jewellery.

Six necklaces hanging against a white background with different colour chains and different charms. All with a silver ball pendant
I stumbled across these necklaces from The Good Karma Shop in early pregnancy and thought they were such an interesting idea. Originating from an Indonesian tradition, these shiny balls of beauty are known as harmony balls. They rest on a mother’s bump and omit a soothing chime on movement.

The idea is that, if the necklace is worn regularly, the sound will become another association of the womb for the newborn baby and the chiming ball can therefore be used to help soothe the baby post-birth. In some traditions the necklace is then handed down to the child when they are older and it becomes something of an heirloom. A more thorough and eloquent description of the history of these necklaces can be found here.

In the midst of early pregnancy woes I promised my baby (ok myself) one of these necklaces if we all made it to 16 weeks. We did and, whether or not it works with a newborn baby, I know I will feel better in five months time having yet another option to help me do something/anything to settle. What I can confidently conclude at this stage is that my toddler likes it very much. If he has taken a little tumble and is more shocked than hurt, an invitation to jingle my jingly thing (I know!) will raise his spirits in a flash.

And I am also finding it a wonderful reminder of the little person inside me. I can’t forget I’m pregnant, of course, but living the hectic life of a two and a half year old means I’m not always focusing on my growing baby. Throughout the day I’ll unexpectedly tune into the little chime as the ball rolls around my growing tummy and it’s a surprisingly joyful and peaceful moment to connect in some way with the reality of the baby.

There are so many designs to choose from at The Good Karma Shop, with a range of prices. I opted for a chain necklace and a little star charm and I paid £35 for mine. I was then surprised by the kindness of the good people with good karma when they offered me the September birthstone as an addition because they knew I wanted to share with you this interesting pregnancy idea.

And so here’s my necklace modelled by me, and yes this is where you’ll remember, as if you’d forgotten, that I’m not cut out for lifestyle posts…please ignore the busy background and the reflection of the iPad-brandishing husband and instead marvel at the shininess and prettiness of my baby’s harmony ball.

Black clothed bumpy by a window with chain necklace with ball pendant and two small charms...and reflection of man with iPad I ball pendant!


I can only apologise that for the next two weeks this paragraph will be stuck on the end of every post.You see, unbelievably my blog has been shortlisted in the Readers’ Choice category for the BiBs Awards 2016. I’ve mused about this, how you can vote for your favourites, and things I may actually be brilliant at here.

Pink Pear Bear

41 thoughts on “A Gift for My Unborn Child

  1. Ohhh I love your necklace. I think I may have had something similar. I really do agree with what you say about the white noise etc. Oldest had a slumber bear which has white noise and she had to have it otherwise she wouldn’t sleep. She still has to have the bear now at 6 years old but thankfully without the white noise now. Ps I love your last paragraph 😉


    1. Yes white noise can be a sleep saver! Ahh sweet that she’s still attached to Mr Slumber Bear (all our toys are MR something for some unknown reason). Thank you, that last paragraph is a cringer though!


  2. I love it, it’s so pretty. I’m going to buy one if/when I have another baby. I was expecting you to say that it would be more expensive than that. Glad your little man is enjoying it too.

    Ps you are good at lifestyle posts!!


  3. What a wonderful idea and such a pretty necklace. I love the idea of using the chime to help soothe a baby with it being a noise they have heard in the womb 🙂


  4. What an absolutely beautiful thing, and how lovely to be able to hand it over to your baby when they’re grown. When I was on the inside, Mother played me lots of classical music including Italian opera which she loves. She had the idea that I’d come out with a love of classical music and speaking Italian. No progress on the Italian yet but classical music still calms me, as does the sound of her heartbeat x #bigpinklink


  5. Oh what a beautiful idea? I wish they’d have had those so i could have jingled my jingly thing lots (that made me laugh so much!) … but joking aside – what an inspired idea – love it and wish you all the best with your pregnancy lovely #BigPinkLink


  6. I wasn’t sure where this post was going but you know what I love it. I’m not a jewellery person at all but if there is one thing more that will add to a newborn sleep I’m all there! One to remember. I like the fact that it reminds you your pregnant! #bigpinklink


  7. These look lovely! What a brilliant idea. I am all for trying ANYTHING and seeing what works!! I love that you offer your toddler a jingle too. 😀 I think the thing for second children is to get any quiet at all, it was in our house anyway!! Thanks for linking up! #bigpinklink


    1. Great idea aren’t they, thank you (not that they were my idea, I don’t know why I’m saying thank you there!). Yes I will definitely try anything, I can’t imagine it being anywhere near as calm this time as it was with just one. Thanks for hosting #bigpinklink


  8. Thank you so much for this lovely article about pregnancy chime! We do make each of them by hand and care very much to see the results on our (fabulous) mums-to-be. So glad you enjoy wearing yours! Best of luck and enjoy every minute of this incredible journey that is pregnancy! The Good Karma Shop Team xx


  9. What a beautiful idea, and such a clever gift… I love different cultures use in their daily life that another culture as never thought of before. I really hope it works when the new baby comes along! But glad it’s already working for your little man! I also love your alt text descriptions!! 😉 xxx #BigPinkLink


    1. Thank you! Got to try anything surely!? Yes I’ll be interested to see if they help, I wonder if it will be hard to tell though…more helpful that I’ve got something else to try. So pretty, I wish I’d known about them first time round. Thank you for commenting xx


  10. Ohh wow, I have never heard of these but now I want one! Anything to help calm the chaos that will be hitting our house in October I am game for trying. It looks lovely too and how nice you got the September birth stone. Congrats on your Bibs by the way 🙂 xx #coolmumclub


    1. Thank you Wendy!
      Yes exactly, anything is worth a try surely!? And it helps that this is so pretty and really well made…would definitely recommend taking a look, they have lots of different styles too. We can compare experiences come Autumn! xx


  11. Oh wow. I sang to alyssa when she was in my tummy. Had I known about these balls I would have gotten one too. However, the only thing that would stop her crying when she was in scbu was me singing the song I had sung her when she was a bump. so even if you hadn’t gotten the chiming ball… you would have been enough
    #bigpinklink #triballove xx


  12. My sister gave me one of these in my first pregnancy (more because she liked the good luck charm aspect than for the noise) & I love it!

    On the noise front, my little monsters were not interested in any amount of white noise or heartbeat sounds to settle to sleep! They were interested in cuddles, which presumably provided actual heartbeat sound, but decided they certainly weren’t being fobbed off with a Moses basket that had a heartbeat!


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