Spring Daze

I love the changing seasons, I think I notice them so much more now I have a child. The impact of the weather on attire and attitude (despite my best efforts, my two and a half year old currently takes after his rain-fearing father) is magnified with a little one in tow. And while autumn and dear winter have their many charms, spring has become a particular favourite of mine over the years. It offers so much in the way of tingly, summery hope…colour comes into the gardens, like magic the leaves start to turn green, and the daylight – the much-missed daylight – keeps us company from early morning to well past dinner time.
There’s so much going on and so much to look forward to and so, in lieu of actually finishing any of my fabulously unfinished draft posts, I thought I’d note down some of the spring happenings in my world.

Yes it’s time to empty out the pockets from my winter coats, optimistically tuck them away in an obscure cupboard in the porch somewhere, dig out the lighter numbers, freeze, then reinstate the Winter coats for a few more months.

Hibernate my ‘autumn boots’ as my son calls them. Less snuggly, less practical ankle boots survive the spring cut but rarely get worn because their innocuous little heel and soft suede outer shell are not compatible with either the wobbly bridge or the muddy puddle at the bottom of the fireman’s pole.

Realise that all my flats apart from my boots are worn through, tatty, or have disappeared to a charity shop. Dust down the, now out of season, autumn boots for a few more weeks until I can drag myself round the shoe shops without having to drag round a small boy as well.

Revel in the end of the daily clothes battles with my son. He can wear bugger all from now on if he wishes. And, no, the middle of December is not a good time to develop a trouser and coat aversion…just a hint in case you were thinking of it.

Life stuff
Perfect my rain dance for the first few games of the cricket season. Ok, a bit churlish I’ll admit…and I’m sorry any rain haters or cricket lovers out there…but the cricket season is long, cricket games are long. I’m tired, pregnant, vomitty and both my son and I would like to see my husband for more than five minutes every few weeks. I’ll compromise and aim for very localised downpours.

On the subject of weather, I’ll watch it…scour the long range forecasts, follow the charts and put strategies in place if it’s going to be a hot summer. My son was born in a heatwave, it was an unbearable end to my pregnancy. After the last two dreary summers I shall be writing a letter to someone (can we still blame Michael Fish for everything?) if this one is the blazing sunpot of people’s dreams.

Wave goodbye to my little preschooler. Yep my toddler boy is officially a preschooler and for three hours once a week come May he will be causing havoc, and learning how to make more havoc, as a little nut or sprout or seedling or something.

Get a window cleaner round. The sun comes in and we can’t see out. There are many times I’m glad my mum doesn’t read my blog and this is one of them. Shameful.

Fun stuff
Blossom snow showers in the garden. Hours of fun for a few precious days while the winds blow the petals down. Winner is the one who catches the most…I’m fully anticipating a(nother) sweeping victory for me as my son still hasn’t learnt to catch in the last twelve months…pahahaaa!

Choose some seeds and get my son’s garden set up. Bask in the serenity of teaching about the miracle of new life and sustainability. Lose all pretence of serenity as I desperately try to stop philistine son digging up his garden. Everyday. Eventually make a digging garden and growing garden then wait, wait, wait. Forget to water then sporadically remember and drown seedlings. Wait a bit more, harvest, then face up to the inevitable rejection of vegetables when I serve them for tea one optimistic day in August.

Birthday planning. We all have spring and summer birthdays here and, while I like my birthday, my favourite birthdays are those of my husband and son. My husband will be getting this amazing sounding cake from Art and Soul. Well from me…unless Claire’s branched into delivery services!? And my son will get one that I hope will look almost as good as the one I made for his second birthday…indulge me, I’m still so proud!

Big Ben visit. Oh yes, as the above cake suggests, my son loves clocks and can there be any more iconic or exciting clock in this country for a two and a half year old horologist? We’re going to have a lovely, ok probably quite stressful, spring day in London where my son can live the dream of doing his Big Ben impression to Big Ben as Big Ben does its own impression of itself.

Fun times afoot.

Wishing you all happy springs, showers and all!


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Pink Pear Bear

23 thoughts on “Spring Daze

  1. shoe shopping with kids is a nightmare, dont blame you for wanting to wait until you are on your own!! #momsterslink x


  2. love blossom snow showers – gorgeous way of describing them! We’ve so much blossom on our road but will be sad to see it go – just looks so pretty. Ha ha feel your pain re cricket – cricket mad household here so I hear you! And WOW the cake! #BigPinkLink


    1. Ah thank you, I am so ridiculously proud of that cake. I sort of wish we hadn’t eaten it! I didn’t let candles in it, he had to blow a candle out that was stuck in a tomato!
      Blossom love, your road sounds pretty.
      Cricket weariness here mostly except for the son who LOVES it! I feel for you living with cricket lovers…do they play and watch? That’s most of the summer gone! Xx


  3. Aaaaw, I feel all warm and fuzzy after reading this! Such a lovely list!! Your clock cake is awesome, and I think clocks are such a cute thing for your little one to be fascinated by!! I don’t blame you for the rain dance-my husband works 50 hour weeks during the winter, and often lates/nights on call/weekends, and it is totally sucky. To be pregnant, with a toddler, and have a husband off for work like that for long periods needs to be rectified! Bring on the rain! I really laughed at what you said about the coats-I did exactly the same thing! Then I laughed about what you said about the shoes-because, yes, the same thing also happened to me!! But both my winter boots, and ankle boots had suffered the effects of hours of winter outdoor pounding the streets/parks, and the heels were falling off. As I had no other shoes, and no inclination to go shoe shopping with 2 toddlers, I have been walking around with flip flop boots (so shameful,) for weeks. My mum looked after the children on Friday, so that I could finally do some much needed shoe shopping!!
    Thanks so much for sharing with #bigpinklink!


    1. Oh no, why do people have to work antisocial hours and away when they have small children!!? I ask my husband that regularly, I find it so hard! Ugh, feeling you on the shoes front…I noticed today that the soles of my Autumn boots are falling off! I’m going to be bare footed or slippers soon! Glad you got some shopping in.
      Thank you for your lovely comment and for hosting #bigpinklink xx


  4. What a lovely list! I’m not going to lie though, I find Spring annoying because I don’t have any appropriate footwear or jackets. It happens every year and I buy something but then it’s uncomfortable or gets ruined or clashes with everything I own…pretty stressful, I’m sure you’ll agree.

    I feel your fear about being pregnant in summer. I wasn’t even that heavily pregnant but I found it awful last year – you may not remember any sun but it was fecking muggy all the time!

    That picture of your little man in the hat is too cute! #bigpinklink


    1. I do remember cooking my son in his bedroom some nights last summer, now you come to mention it…it’s so hard isn’t it!?
      I have been cold and ridiculously hot at turns this week…I cannot get spring attire right so I can understand that!
      That pic was last year, he’s much bigger now…I like the rolled up trouser leg!
      Thank for commenting x


  5. We had our first real taste of spring today and planted part of our garden, pulled some weeds, and then topped the day off with a sprinkler run! I love when suddenly all the trees are blooming and tulips are popping up all over the place. Just love spring. And even though it’s still 40*F in the mornings, I put my flip flops on 😉 thanks so much for linking up with #momsterslink. Hope your pregnancy is moving along as blissful as can be 😉


  6. I’m almost optimistic for spring after reading this. 🙂
    I love Autumn and winter so the arrival of Spring tends to make me a bit nervy and quite honestly I just don’t know what to wear, that fine line between freeze and bake is one I’ve never successfully navigated.
    As for my feral children, the merest hint of sunshine and appropriate clothing is thrown to the (surprisingly chilly.) wind as the disapproving tuts of old ladies echo in my ears.


    1. I have frozen and baked this week…I can’t get it right at all. Sartorially aside I like spring!
      I think my son is going to follow in your children’s footsteps with that…he’s been trying to shed clothes all winter.
      Glad it helped with the seasonal optimism…just think of all the evening walks! X


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