18 Million Things – Spring Edition

If you have children there are probably an infinite number of things you love about them…there are probably a few things you don’t much like too! But this post isn’t about the negatives…no this is a series where I shamelessly self-indulgently note down all my son’s lovely quirks. The first two posts can be found here and here.

I want to remember all these little things so much, I want to remember the way they made me laugh or the way they made feel fizzy inside or the wonder I found in his burgeoning imagination. I feel that I’ve missed loads from this list…he is developing at a rate of knots, not sure I can keep up anymore.

So my little two and a half year old, there are at least 18 Million things I love about you and they include:

The way you’ve taken to saying to me ‘I like you SO much’ and often ‘I love you SO much’ after two and a half years of never verbally expressing any affection to me!

Your thumbs up style – index finger high in the air, thumb nowhere in sight

Your adoration for ‘naked running’

The fact that the best sort of naked running is to do it with your beloved shoes on

The way you’ll ask (anyone) ‘you want to join me, to naked run together?’ – why would any sensible person NOT want to do naked running?

The way you can spend hours handing buttons to me and saying ‘thank you very much, pleasure doing business with you’ after each one

Your obsession with old episodes of Fireman Sam; the song, Jupiter, ‘great fires of London!’, the banister, the fireman’s pole.

The way almost anything in your mind could be a fireman’s pole and is worthy of a go at sliding down

Your detailed wish to have your own fireman’s pole that involves going to a shop to buy a magic wand then magicking a pole with said wand

The way you ask ‘can I come in?’ when you want a cuddle

How much you LOVE watching skateboarders and your admonishment of ‘silly skateboarders’ when they fall off

Your insistence that what you could hear in my tummy (when you were resting your head on it) was not in fact digestion, but the baby drilling. With a drill

Your newfound love of the words: actually, similar, yesterday, instead…and your accomplished peppering of sentences with them

Your persuasive ‘I’ve got a good idea’ pre-idea delivery and your conclusive ‘how about that!?’ after it

Your excitement and, again obsession, with jumping now you’ve just mastered it

This conversation about a friend’s daughter:
You: Emma is a baby
Me: yes but Emma won’t be a baby for much longer because babies turn into…
You: frogs!

The way you want to do everything ‘on my own’ and if you can’t, you decide you can do it ‘when I’m bigger and bigger’ or ‘when I’m a trained fireman’

The way you ask ‘who are we missing?’ if there’s an empty chair round a lunch table

Your musical talents with the ‘corder’ and the ‘pliano’ and the way you look intently at the music on the music stand when you’re ‘playing’ either instrument

Your love – real squidgy love – for your trusty, but I fear soon to be replaced, shoes.


I’ve decided to go with the blogging flow and enter into the BiBs and MAD blog awards. It’s a lovely opportunity for people to show pride in their own blogs and admiration for others they like. You can read my arguments for and against nominating my blog here.

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Diary of an imperfect mum

28 thoughts on “18 Million Things – Spring Edition

  1. I love these! 😊
    I especially love the bemusement that your little one has when nobody takes them up on their offer of naked running 😂😊🙈

    A precious age indeed.


  2. Aw that is an adorable list of things that your son has been saying and doing – isn’t it lovely when their language really starts to explode in this way? I love his affectionate “I like/love you SO much” and the invite to do “naked running”. “Pleasure doing business with you” is one of my favourites too and love the thought process behind wanting to get a fireman’s pole by going to a shop to buy a magic wand to help conjure it up. The noises your tummy makes being “the baby drilling” brings up such a funny mental picture. Thank you for linking up to #ftmob 🙂


  3. That’s a lovely post Lucy, and a fab way to capture all the happy memories you have shared with your Son. It’s amazing the sayings that come of your child’s mouth, I particularly like the comment about babies and frogs. Claire x #FamilyFun


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