MAD for a BiB

I’ve seen a few posts about the MAD blog awards and the BiB awards this week and it seems like part of the entry process to write one, so here is my nomination information post, plea, and general three minutes of discomfort.

I’ve decided to do a bit of throwing: I’m throwing my hat into the ring, throwing down the gauntlet (possibly), throwing caution to the wind, throwing up (oh no wait, that’s another post)…yes I’ve taken the slightly unnatural step of nominating my blog (and others, I’m not completely meglomanical) in the Brit Mums annual blogging awards, the BiBs. I did this and felt all overcome so haven’t even thought about the MADs but perhaps I maybe will.

Anyway I’m sure you can all relate to how weird this feels; self promotion doesn’t come naturally to many people I don’t think. I feel all a bit Jekyll and Hyde about it. Without the murder though, so maybe not Jekyll and Hyde, maybe just terribly English.

It’s not something I would have even contemplated a few months ago, so why have I done it and why would I be so bold as to ask you to bother to vote for my blog?

Here’s the thing: I don’t cringe at ALL my previous posts, just some…

Surely that’s reason enough? No? You want a more compelling argument?

Well actually I’m going to start, much like the BBC, with some balance and here’s why you shouldn’t vote for me:

I’m not going to win: This post is uncomfortable enough…there is no way I’ll be canvassing for votes if I am, by some miracle, shortlisted

I’m quite the anti-social social media user: Twitter I can just about do. Facebook doesn’t like my brackets and I’ve made a half-hearted attempt to join it but that’s all. I’m not on anything else so I understand I’m not particularly active in your networks.

There are harder-working bloggers than me: well it’s not actually too difficult to be a harder working blogger than me. I blog because I love writing, I can’t bring myself to do reviews yet. I don’t post consistently or regularly, I take frequent blogging breaks and there are much better, bigger, shinier blogs out there.

I don’t ever look at my stats: well this isn’t altogether a reason not to vote for me, but I get the impression I’m doing something not quite right on that front!

I’m on a roll now but before I get any further down this bizarre road I’ve taken us on, I am actually asking you to consider voting for me as I’d love to be shortlisted and here’s why:

I write all sorts of things that gets all sorts of differing reactions. I really love writing. And, um, and I’ll send you cake it you vote for me!? Hold on, that might be bribery.

Hopefully I have made a few people laugh, or perhaps quietly chortle with these posts:
Ten Rules of Hotel Etiquette
Tunes from my Parenting Soundtrack
Seven Reasons My Neighbours Think I’m Strange

Perhaps a few of you could relate to these ones:
Lessons in Lazy Parenting
The Lows and Almost-Highs of Early Pregnancy
Ten Types of Breastfeeding Mother

I maybe got some people thinking with these:
Pirates and Princesses
What Do You See?
Becoming a Mother

Or perhaps you enjoy my Creative Mothers guest writer series?

So there you go, I’m done. Like everyone, my posts are my reasons. If you are still with me and considering a vote I think I probably fit best with BiBs into the ‘Writer’ category or the ‘Reader’s Choice’ category (the one for people who can’t decide where they fit!). For MADs probably ‘Writer’ again or ‘Preschool’.

You’ll be asked for the following information so here’s mine for convenience:

Blog Name: occupation: (m)other
Blog URL:
Twitter handle: @puddlemother
Blogger’s email: occupationmother @ gmailDOTcom

And here are the badges for MADs and BiBs that take you through to the nomination portals!

Tots 100 Awards

12 thoughts on “MAD for a BiB

  1. I love this post because I feel like I’m in the same in a lot of ways – rubbish at social media (which is terrible, considering I worked as a digital content developer before going on mat leave and did social media as part of my job), don’t look at stats, don’t have a blogging schedule, don’t have a fancy blog design, can’t be bothered to do reviews or try to work with brands. I just blog because I love to write – and I think it’s great that you do too. Good luck with the awards!


    1. Thank you, I think there are so many more of us who are like this than we think…it’s just we don’t know because we are generally not on many people’s radars – being as rubbish as we at social media etc!! I’m really happy with the choices I’ve made (however tempted at times I’ve been by brands etc)…blogging because you love writing gives lots of freedom I think. Really nice to hear your motivations too, thanks for commenting xx


  2. Good luck! I think many of us enter in hope more than any kind of sane expectation but that’s not really the point. As you have done, be proud of your little corner of the internet and shout it out loud. (But don’t murder Lennon & McCartney. I’ve done that for my post. It wasn’t pretty. And there are some threatening-looking lawyers coming up my driveway now …)


    1. I think you’re right, I am barely hoping to be honest…just thought I’d go through the process BUT yes I am proud and I’m enjoying seeing everyone else’s pride in their blogs. We work hard on them don’t we? we should like them a little bit!
      You post was one of the ones I read that inspired me to write this post – and, along with Silly Mummy’s, I sent your post to people as an example of how to do it well/better than me! Yes, despite the annihilation of Let it Be! Good luck to you too for both your blog and your collaborative podcast.


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