18 Million Things – Spring Edition

If you have children there are probably an infinite number of things you love about them…there are probably a few things you don’t much like too! But this post isn’t about the negatives…no this is a series where I shamelessly self-indulgently note down all my son’s lovely quirks. The first two posts can be found here and here.

I want to remember all these little things so much, I want to remember the way they made me laugh or the way they made feel fizzy inside or the wonder I found in his burgeoning imagination. I feel that I’ve missed loads from this list…he is developing at a rate of knots, not sure I can keep up anymore.
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The Benefits of No Naps

Yes you have read the title of this correctly, today I will be digging deep and attempting to find some silver linings around the dark cloud that is the end of daytime naps.

My son (now 2 ½) has never been the best napper in the world…we’ve had our moments of nap-heaven of course – but short-lived moments. Most of his babyhood was a bit hit and miss with catnaps and hours spent sling wearing, pushchair rocking and going quietly insane. I could often be heard muttering ‘I can’t wait for him to not need a nap anymore’…my wish was granted at the merry age of two.
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How To Explain Easter to a Toddler

This will be the third Easter I’ve spent with my two and a half year old son, the second one he is actively participating in. Last year we had family round and he unquestionably went with the flow, trailing round after his cousins in my inaugural Easter Egg hunt. This year everything has more meaning in his life, there are associations that need to be made with this holiday and inevitably there are questions…well one question in particular, ‘what is Easter Mummy?’. Continue reading

Creative Mothers Series – Babi a Fi

Welcome to the next edition in the fortnightly Creative Mothers series. This is a space for people to reflect on the impact of parenthood on their experience of personal creativity. If you would like to take part with your thoughts, please take a look at the Creative Mothers page and do get in touch.

In this post Jess from Babi a Fi shares with us her history with creativity and the tweaks required to combine her passions with parenting. It’s a great reminder that, as parents, we don’t have to drop our previous interests, we might just have to find new ways of making time and headspace for them. 

And while we are on the subject of heads, I am so envious of the way Jess has used herself and her styles as a creative outlet in the past. I need a new hairdresser, oh and a stylist would be good too!   



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MAD for a BiB

I’ve seen a few posts about the MAD blog awards and the BiB awards this week and it seems like part of the entry process to write one, so here is my nomination information post, plea, and general three minutes of discomfort.

I’ve decided to do a bit of throwing: I’m throwing my hat into the ring, throwing down the gauntlet (possibly), throwing caution to the wind, throwing up (oh no wait, that’s another post)…yes I’ve taken the slightly unnatural step of nominating my blog (and others, I’m not completely meglomanical) in the Brit Mums annual blogging awards, the BiBs. I did this and felt all overcome so haven’t even thought about the MADs but perhaps I maybe will.

Anyway I’m sure you can all relate to how weird this feels; self promotion doesn’t come naturally to many people I don’t think. I feel all a bit Jekyll and Hyde about it. Without the murder though, so maybe not Jekyll and Hyde, maybe just terribly English.
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The Lows and Almost-Highs of Early Pregnancy

One blueberry on a plate

This probably won’t be the cheeriest post you’ve read today, but for some people pregnancy isn’t all that cheerful. It’s ‘supposed’ to be, which I think can be unhelpful, unsupportive and dismissive of people’s very real physical ailments. One of my least favourite phrases is ‘you’re not ill, you’re pregnant’. Ok, that can be true but pregnancy can make you very ill indeed with complications and conditions that make my experience look like a walk in the park. To deny that fact is belittling to all pregnant women.

I have now experienced two first trimesters and they have both been unmitigatedly awful. The first was perhaps the worst of the two, but to be honest the jury’s out. The first was defined by constant, all-day, unrelenting nausea and frightening patches where I couldn’t stop being sick. It puttered along with anti-sickness medication and bed rest and was wholly miserable.

The second I am just emerging from. I think my body and I had an exchange (that I wasn’t party to): less actual sickness (although more than enough) in exchange for more nausea, more aches, shortness of breath, crippling exhaustion and a daily flu-like feeling that rendered me useless from mid-afternoon.

In a bid to purge myself of the memories of all these things and also in an attempt to add one more voice to those that are saying ‘you may have chosen this, but you don’t have to enjoy it’, I have decided to reflect on the lows and (almost) highs of this period. I am talking to myself in this post but perhaps I’m talking to you too, I really hope not for your sake but if I am, hello, I’m sorry – but at least you’re not alone!
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Becoming a Mother

Coo-eee my blogging break is over and I’m back! Lincolnshire was lovely and I’m sure you’ll be delighted to know that my husband isn’t having too shabby a time in Barbados.

I thought today would be an opportune moment to share with you a piece that (with slight variations) first appeared as a guest post as part of Motherhood: The Real Deal’s #beingamother project. It’s a wonderful project with so many different perspectives included, do take a look at all the contributions here.

But why today? Well this morning I got the first sight of my next child…the image was black and white and a bit grainy but good solid visual confirmation that the last two and a bit months of sickness and struggle have been associated with a baby and not some sort of plague.
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Creative Mothers Series – Someone’s Mum

Welcome to the fifth edition in the Creative Mothers series! This is a space for people to reflect on the impact of parenthood on their experience of personal creativity. If you would like to take part with your thoughts, please take a look at the Creative Mothers page and do get in touch.

This week Danielle from Someone’s Mum shares a wonderfully celebratory post filled to bursting with lots of lovely examples of her creative endeavours.

This is also an eloquent presentation of the complicated emotions many new parents have when getting to grips with their identity post-children. It particularly resonates with me, as Danielle’s sentiments in the final few paragraphs mirror my thoughts about identity exactly…we just got there in different ways (sadly I didn’t win anything!).

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Back Soon!

I know I’m not the most prolific blog poster in the world at the best of times, but I’ve decided to be more informative about my absences from the blogosphere this year. So I’m off for a bit. Tooodle-oo!

Where are you going!? I hear you cry… Well I would love to tell you I’m jetting away to the sunny climes of Barbados as my pictures might suggest, but I’m not. My husband is for, I don’t know, the seventh time but I’m not. No, my son and I are instead heading off to lovely Lincolnshire to stay with family and so blogging will be taking a back seat.

I won’t be completely quiet, however, on Tuesday 8 March I’ll be publishing the next post in the Creative Mothers series…I’m so enjoying this series and hope you are too. You can find all the previous posts here. And if you’re reading this and would like to be involved with the series, please get in touch using the contact details here.

As if that wasn’t noisy enough, I fully intend be back the week after with news and tales from my blogging break.

In the meantime my chums, I leave you with this picture of one our very favourite places in Barbados, which I will NOT be visiting anytime soon…did I mention get that already!?

My husband was kind enough to text me this last year when he was there and I was far, far away (in so many ways) extricating an 18th month old from a wet swing in a muddy play area.

Just for context he sent it to me to show me the stump of a lovable and much-photographed (by us anyway!) palm tree that had been felled between 2014 and 2015. This small, and shrinking, stretch of beach was our garden for a period, we would have our morning tea and our evening rum on the sand. We spent a very special time here in 2012 recovering from life and I’ll be thinking about this lovely island lots in the coming weeks.