Bits & Bobs From My Week

I don’t know if anyone else gets this but I am looking at my list of unbelievably brilliant ideas for blog posts and I’m feeling completely uninspired and lacking in motivation to write any of them. None of them relate to what I’m actually thinking about.

Last time I felt a bit like this I wrote a sort of diary entry of a day and it got me back into it, so I thought I’d give that a whirl again, except I’m upping my game…today we are not settling for a mere day. Pah! Let’s take on the highlights of the week.

The Week

Talking of the week…this is such a weekly highlight for me and it arrived today.


Just a little tip: an annual subscription to this little gem is a fantastically thoughtful gift for any busy person in your life, whether or not they are a CBeebies-rather-than-News24 parent.


My parents came to stay this week. One of my favourite things in the whole wide world is revelling in the enjoyment my son brings to his grandparents. One of my son’s new favourite things is his Grandpa’s clock app on the iPad. Not only can you make a clock chime EVERY minute if you so wish, but you can also set a metronome going with varying speeds for varying degrees of toddler hilarity.

Pirate Day

It was with a feeling of mostly parental failure that I read Twins Make Five’s blog post featuring her Dinosaur Day (I’ve also just realised it was a weekly update post, all the rage you see!) . Fortunately a little bit of inspiration snuck through the gloom and, a couple of days later, Pirate Day was born!

First we hauled my university dressing up box from the loft and transformed my two and a half year old into a cutlass-waving, eyepatch-wearing pirate… arrrrharrrr. (It really is times like this I question my no photos policy on here – let me assure you I have got some funny ones of my little pirate chief).

Next stop, after a Mr Men pirate book and Let’s Play doing pirates, was the reappropriation of the washing basking into its rightful role as a pirate ship. Oh and the upcycling of an empty toilet roll into a telescope.

Sea was a large blue bed sheet and the first (and possibly the last)’learning activity’ was to populate it with any sea-dwelling creature my son could find in his animal and soft toy (and magnetic fishing game) collections.

The map I scribbled up was strategically placed on the sea’s edge and soon the treasure hunt was well underway. The desert island (yellow bed sheet) that appeared in the hallway seemed a likely spot and sooner than I expected we were digging.

The treasure did not disappoint…fortunately I own a very realistic looking treasure chest (a beautiful little box given to me by my sister from her travels in Eygpt) and fortunately buttons are one of my son’s favourite playthings. More fortunately than either of those things, from my son’s point of view, was what was hidden underneath the buttons. A chocolate coin saved from Christmas (for an emergency!) was deemed the real treasure – unwrapped and hastily swallowed by the little pirate, I presume for safe smuggling.


Can’t enough of oranges this week. You know sometimes you get a bag and they are all just perfect – Sweet and juicy, good peelers and few pips? Yum. It’s also been nice to be reacquainted with my orange peeler too, a handy little tool pictured here in what can only be described as a fine example of photojournalism.



Titchfield Abbey

And now it’s Naptime Natter’s turn to take a bow for writing a post that took us this week to this lovely castle – ‘my castle’ according to my son. Titchfield Abbey is free and a wonderful ruin, with quite a spectacular frontage and more than enough left behind to get the imagination going.


Bizarrely the trip ended (as per Naptime Natter’s instructions) with a fish-feeding frenzy at the garden centre next door. The two elements, although completely unrelated, made for a really enjoyable morning out, definitely time well spent.

Making Connections

I have really loved (this week and last actually) the interaction brought about by Creative Mothers. Claire at Art and Soul was the ‘Creative Mother’ featured this Tuesday and I’ll be publishing fortnightly moving forwards. You can read Claire’s post here.

There has been so much enthusiasm for this series with lots of people thinking about contributing their experiences and lots of people who have already sent me pieces. I’ve really enjoyed connecting with and getting to know bloggers and friends in a different way. I also like that my Gmail account is actually being used for emails other than Facebook and Twitter promotions!


Finally this has been the week of early bedtimes. How good is bed!? I’m in it now writing this, just lovely. We’ve also been fortunate to have a couple of lie-ins this week too: a sweet sound, of course, is the little voice in the morning that shouts ‘there’s a SEVEN on the clock’…a sweeter sound is the same voice bellowing ‘Maaahhhmeee, there’s an eight on the clock Mummy! It’s morrrrning!’

So those were some bits and bobs from my week that was – I hope you’ve had a good one!

11 thoughts on “Bits & Bobs From My Week

  1. Love that you were inspired to do Pirate Day! It sounds totally fab. Please don’t get the impression that it’s all inspired activities in our house. They are the standout moments amid the general chaos!


  2. Pirate day sounds like so much fun! we’d love to do something like that! sounds like a good week to me Thanks for Linking up to #KCACOLS hope to see you back next sunday 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes – I get this! I currently have mounds of half written blog posts. None of them are right! Still, it sounds like a good week for you, otherwise. Pirate Day sounds amazing. Oranges make me feel sick, so I am going to move swiftly past those, but you have reminded me that I was meaning to visit Titchfield Abbey at some point – read about it a couple of months ago, thought ‘should go there’, forgot about it. and have now repeated the process!


    1. Yes! Titchfield Abbey was lovely. Small but free…there are 2 pubs and 4 garden centres on the same road so lots of entertainment. Titchfield Haven is one of our fave places…have you ever been to Breezes cafe there? Love it x


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