Creative Mothers – Calling: Everyone!

I’m very excited to be launching my Creative Mothers guest blog series this week.

Bloggers and non-bloggers, creatives and non-creatives, mothers and fathers are invited to share thoughts about the impact of parenthood on their personal creativity.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a little while…I’m passionate about the human ability to be creative but have never before defined myself as a ‘creative’. I’m not sure I would now either to be honest! But from imaginative play to expressing myself through writing, it is a part of my personality that has certainly emerged since having my son in 2013.

In November 2015 I attended the Mumsnet-organised Blogfest conference and was excited to see that the opening discussion (with a wonderful panel) was on this very topic.

As expected there were some interesting musings on questions about the emotional and practical challenges that motherhood can bring to creativity. In the pursuit of entertainment and given the time restraints, however, the discussion was unable to cover every angle; speak for every parent and get to the heart of the complexities both for those who are creative already and those who don’t see themselves as creative.

I hope this series will go where Blogfest could not! I’d love you to share your stories here on the subject: I’d like to create a space where people can be inspired by other parents, understand other people’s experiences and raise the questions that may encourage us all to reflect on ourselves in different ways.

Everyone is welcome! Please visit the Creative Mothers page for more information and how to get in touch.

Update: pop over and read about the first contribution. Laura’s experiences can be found here.

my petit canard
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26 thoughts on “Creative Mothers – Calling: Everyone!

  1. oo i’m intrigued and have some ideas too! I think many of us have creative side that we don’t explore enough but we should utilise more once we become mothers – oo i have lots to say about the subject but will wait to read more from you!! Happy Thursday #coolmumclub


    1. Hello. No, there is no deadline for a post, just send something over to me when you like. I would absolutely love for you to get involved…as you’ve probably noticed from all the ‘likes’ I’ve just been having a look at your blog and to hear your angle on this topic would be really lovely. I’ve got lots of questions already but I’ll wait to see what you say first! If you’d rather email me at any point with any other questions or for more information etc, please do. I’m on occupationmother AT gmail DOT com. Your take can be any expression you like by the way…if you’d rather not use words or a mix of words and images that’s totally fine. It’s about expressing it how it means to you if that makes sense xx

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  2. I’m interested to read more of this series. My main creativity since becoming a mother is my blogging, but I used to be very much into crafts and miss it. I’m interested to see if there are other ways that I can be creative through the likes of messy play, etc! Looking forward to more, I found your post via #marvmondays


  3. How awesome, Sounds like a great idea. I think bloggers all have the creative in us to start with. Bet Blogfest was fab, will have to try and get myself there when I can! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays! Kaye xo


    1. Absolutely! A special kind of creativity isn’t it, thanks Sarah. And if you wanted to muse more about this please do join in with the series! I think you posted about this session on your blog after blogfest didn’t you? X


  4. Oh this sounds like such a good idea. I have always been a creative person, now I have just passed the passion for it onto my kids. We do art pretty much every day even if it’s just coloring a picture on a blank piece of paper. My kindergartner is beginning to read and I can’t wait for him to read his first book and hope that he enjoys reading as much as I have through the years. Thanks for linking up with #momsterslink and I will surely put this on my list of stuff to check out. 💌Trista


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