18 Million Things – New Year Edition

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to  my blog and my first post of 2016.

A couple of months ago I wrote a post to remind myself of some of the beautiful, silly, toddlery quirks my son exhibits. You can find that post here.

I promised myself that I would continue to record these moments so that I could enjoy thinking of them and looking back at them. After a fairly intense festive period with all the ups and downs in toddler (and parental) emotions that Christmas can bring now seems like an opportune moment for me to focus on just the good stuff.

So, my sunny-tempered little two and a bit year old…there are at least 18 Million Things I am really quite fond of about you and they include:

The way you’ve started to call me Mama more than Mummy. But still frequently ‘Lucy’

The way you say ‘no please thank you’

That when I come back from being out you put your arms around my neck in a cuddle and say ‘good to see you’ and ‘what’s the story in Balamory?’

The way you call snowflakes ‘snowflowers’

How much you love Peter Pan ‘because he sings and flies past Big Ben’

How much you love Big Ben and your suprisingly accurate impression of the ding dongs

That when we visited family who own a lot of clocks you sat in front of their grandfather clock for an entire six minutes without moving or talking waiting for it to ding

That Lucy & Tom’s Christmas was your reference book for festivities

That you ask every time we get in the car for the ‘funny song’ and you sing along merrily to the completely age-inappropriate Dangerous Love by FUSE ODG ft Sean Paul thinking it is a song about Combine Harvesters and clocks

That when we leave people’s house you say ‘thank you for…’ then list everything we have done there

Your new-found enthusiasm for Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures, particularly the rather catchy theme song ‘1, 2, 3, 4…!’

The way you’ve assumed the role of tumble dryer monitor and you get quite angsty if anyone tries to put it on without your supervision

That someone can be SO excited about slippers

They way you get utterly absorbed for hours playing with pennies or buttons or rudder beans (dried chick peas)

That, after two years of gently encouraging you to adopt a cuddly toy ‘transition object’, you’ve adopted ALL the soft toys you own; they are all called ‘Mr’ something and every bedtime we need to build a ‘forest’ with them around your pillow leaving you just enough space to squeeze inbetween

That one of your ‘forest friends’ is a dog I was friends with when I was younger. You’ve called him Mr Mummy and fixated on the fact I put him down the toilet. Once.

The fact you call your splashsuit your smashsuit – sounds so much more exciting

The way I feel the world has stopped for a moment and been flooded with complete happiness when you make Daddy and me dance with you around the kitchen to Shining Light by Annie Lennox.


Little Hearts, Big Love
Best of Worst

26 thoughts on “18 Million Things – New Year Edition

  1. So lovely! Didn’t the teenagers in Harry Enfield do ‘yes, please, thank you’? Or ‘thank you please’? I love how wonderfully domesticated he sounds with his clocks, slippers and tumble driers! So sweet. I still get random, out of the blue, queries of ‘what’s the story in Balamory’ too – strange! xx #ftmob


    1. Haha the balmory question…surely some sort of existential philosophical pondering…what IS the answer, wouldn’t you like to know… (Sorry!)
      Yes very domesticated, wonder if he’ll stay that way long enough for it to be useful, I doubt it!


  2. Such a beautiful post and so many adorable moments shared. Your son calling you “Lucy” sometimes rather than “Mama” made me laugh – my girls occasionally call my hubby by name and it always makes me chuckle to hear it. I loved the way he asks you “what’s the story in Balamory?” after you’ve been out and “snowflowers” sounds so much better than “snowflakes”. My eldest also has a bit of a “forest” of animals in her bed too so I can definitely relate to that! We also have a similar situation with the “thank you for…” and listing everything – ours tends to occur during bedtime prayers. It’s good that they say thank you but it is funny to hear them listing every little thing! Thank you for linking up to #ftmob 🙂


    1. Ah thank you Louise for your lovely comment. I’m very pleased to hear you have a forest in the bedroom too, how lovely not just us! And yes the thank yous so funny…I can’t work out if he’s missed the point or whether he really does only list the things he enjoys and so is thankful for! Thank you for hosting the very enjoyable #ftmob

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this. I recently started compiling a list of things that our children do/say as I don’t ever want to forget those amazing little quirks that they have! Thanks for sharing! #runjumpscrap


    1. I’ve only recently started but so glad I have…as you say you don’t want to forget do you? And the next thing comes so quickly that forgetting is easy to do! I love the way you weave in your little ones quirks into your blog posts…always so tenderly (and often very funny). Thank you for commenting x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahh thank you! I was talking to my husband about your post the just yesterday and how children lose those funny little things they say. Megan has recently gone from saying “me do that” to “I do that” but is struggling with “me” in terms of I will ask, “who would like a sandwich?” And she now replies, “I!!”. It’s so cute, I hope she keeps it that way for a little while!! Xx

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Aw, so lovely to note down the things our toddlers do and say and remember them in some way. These days go by way too fast. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays! Kaye xo


  5. Awww hahaha it does sounds funny when our kids call us by our real name isn’t it? 😉 Olivia calls me Melody especially when I pretend that I did not hear her. lol

    (Sorry for the late commenting, it’s been a crazy week xx)



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