Magic – The Ultimate Stocking Filler

When I was growing up one of the most magical parts of Christmas was THAT moment – the moment you look down at the bedpost at the bottom of the bed and see a full, bulging stocking with a rounded toe (requisite satsuma) and something shiny and papery sticking out of the top.

That image, in the early morning dark-light, is seared on my memory – it signifies the start of Christmas morning and is the sprinkling of magic that lasts long after you find out that Farmer Christmas asks your parents to ‘help’ him each year.

I’ve been thinking about this and I’m just not sure I’m going to be able to make it as magical for my two year old as my parents did for me. Yes I have some fabulous stocking gifts and, of course, we’ll leave out whisky, mince pies and a carrot BUT there a few issues.

Firstly we don’t have a fireplace so I’m busy thinking of a slightly alternative entrance for the magic man…through the window? Does he have a spare key? Whatever we land on I fear it will be marginally more in line with 2015 H&S guidelines than the traditional tumble into a smouldering grate. Ooo festive.

Next is the logistics of the present drop – where to leave it…on the corner of the cot? Maybe. On the door handle? Possibly. My son is a light sleeper and has an extraordinarily bright nightlight on in his room all night. I hope by next Christmas this habit that will have faded but, for this year, there’s a strong chance F.C’s nighttime gift shenanigans will be floodlit and with an audience. So I think we’re leaning towards a stocking location just outside his bedroom door…magic.

When my parents were old enough to be trusted to help with the present drop I used to marvel at how they managed to do it at just the right time that ensured the stocking wasn’t full at any point when I woke in the night BUT it was always full in the morning. I must remember to ask my Mother about her tactics…I have a hunch she used to set an alarm for 4am/5am.

As a sleep-hungry parent of a relatively wakeful toddler I am in awe of this commitment to the Christmas cause. I can’t in all honesty say I’m going to do the same this year…I suppose it depends on my instructions from the bearded boss which I’m fully expecting will arrive postmarked from the North Pole soon. Fingers crossed.

Hmm all-in-all a bit haphazard. I think I can get away with it this year. But I’ll work on my story and my execution of it over the next year and herby promise myself, my son (silently), you, and Father Christmas (via magic) that 2016 and every year after will be utterly watertight-believable. And when 2019/2020 rolls around not even the mischievous child in the playground sharing the ‘real’ story will take away my son’s magic and the sparkly feeling in his tummy when he pictures the red & white stocking at the end of his bed.



10 thoughts on “Magic – The Ultimate Stocking Filler

  1. It is great to whip them into a frenzy about it all! Last year, Jet woke up at 2ish, saw his stocking at the end of his bed, shouted “Presents!” at the top of his voice and came running into our room to begin Christmas. How I managed to get him to go back to sleep once he had seen them, I will never know! Looking forward to the be-slippered tiptoeing again this year so much 🙂
    x Alice


  2. We had a family tradition of the presents going under the tree so the first evidence I saw of the night time visitor was coming into the hall to see that the whisky, mince pie, and carrot (for Rudolph) had been eaten. It saved the issue of child waking in the night to see presents because they were in the living room. It also acted in my mind as actual proof of Santa, that the mince pies were gone. Who else could it have been?!


    1. Well quite! My little one was mightily disappointed that Santa’s snack had been eaten overnight…I think he was expecting the jingly man to turn up at some point during christmas morning demanding mince pies and carrots. Hope you had a wonderful one x


  3. Yes, I always loved the stockings, too! So far I have just put them downstairs as kids not old enough to care. Probably won’t attempt end of beds this year either – maybe next year to start that! We have a magic key for Father Christmas. xx


  4. My husband and I were discussing how neither of us had stockings as children, so for me it was always the anticipation in creeping downstairs to see if he’d been. My children do have stockings but over the years they have caused trauma, one year one of the kids couldn’t find it – it was right in front of her so who knows why, anyway the trauma was great! *sigh*


    1. Oh I don’t like the sound of stocking-based trauma! I can’t see it going well for us in future years. I’ll be doing an outside the room stocking-fill for as long as possible. Hope there was no trauma this year (although perhaps your little ones are not little enough for FC visits now? I have no concept of what age children these days start questioning..) Hope you had a good one anyway!


      1. Eurgh! Trigger finger! Take two!
        My eldest is nine and she suspects I’m sure but I think she was still fully under the spell this year. My problem is I have no desire to directly lie to her, so if she asks I will be truthful. It’s a fine line at this age, keeping things magical without too much dishonesty. We’ve always done the Santa spotting thing with the ISS which has always made them beyond excitement on Christmas Eve, however with all the Tim Peake news I’ve been itching to show her the ISS Passover more regularly. Only I’ll be rumbled!

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