Magic – The Ultimate Stocking Filler

When I was growing up one of the most magical parts of Christmas was THAT moment – the moment you look down at the bedpost at the bottom of the bed and see a full, bulging stocking with a rounded toe (requisite satsuma) and something shiny and papery sticking out of the top.
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Making Connections

Just a tiny little post and another rubbish photo to say I’m having a little think! I’ve got lots of ideas whirring in my head for my blog (some just blog posts I can’t find the time to write, others more exciting projects) but, you know, life keeps on happening and I need about a week of no distractions to get things sorted. Since that’s unlikely, I’ll keep whirring for now but thought I’d let you know I’m just thinking (always reassuring to know that people are thinking isn’t it?).

I’ll work on it; I’ll get all the pieces connected. I’m hoping all the thoughts and ideas will come together beautifully…much like this rather snazzy train track, but hopefully without the marital bickering present during the great track build of 2015.

Brio challenge: connect every piece, use NO buffers