Anticipation – Christmas 2015

Do you ever have the sense that you’re trying to reach or search for a feeling or a time or a sensation…one you are sure exists but can’t be pinned down? I get this a lot – it’s a still from a film, an emotion from a song, a picture in my mind from a book, a sense of another time. I think it stems from having an active imagination and being a nostalgic romantic at heart.

Summer, for example, should embody the idea of ‘Summer’ that’s my head. I’d love to describe it, but it’s vague…green lawns, gentle breezes…an elusive waft rather than anything concrete. I’ll most likely never find it and pin it down in Summertime but there’ll be enough of it peeping out through June to September to feed into my ideas of the next one.

But really, let’s get to what this post is actually about…because there isn’t a occasion that cultivates an idea based on imagination and memories much more for me than Christmas. Oh yes, not yet December and I’m getting in with a CHRISTMAS post.

imageI love a long lead-in. To anything really. This doesn’t mean that things should start happening too early – over-immersion for me doesn’t keep it special, but inside I love looking forward to something, having time to plan and imagine.

I used to dislike this about myself and get disappointed that whatever I was looking forward to didn’t turn out to be as perfect as I hoped it would be…that I wasn’t transported to a scene from my imagination. I’m now wiser and I’m happier with my personality quirks… and most importantly I now understand the value of anticipation.

According to my friendly Oxford English Dictionary ‘anticipation’ in a musical context is the ‘introduction in a composition of part of a chord which is about to follow in full’. This really resonates with me. Yes I am introducing that ‘something’ into my life (well my brain) before it happens, but it’s all part of the same composition, the same event.

If value was measured in time, I get more value from an event or occasion in the months and weeks running up to it than I do on the one day that it happens. I’m fairly sure I won’t find the complete ideal of ‘Christmas’ on December 25th but with a two and a half year old to introduce festive traditions to I am relishing in the anticipation like never before, and I’ve probably almost already felt Christmassy enough for one year:

– Planning what we should leave out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve. Or Farmer Christmas as my son calls him

– Deciding what food we’ll eat – gammon and a tin of roses is as far as we’ve got

– Planning the five trips away we need to squeeze in for visiting all our family and friends

– Imagining my son coming down to see the presents under the tree on Christmas morning

– Imagining my son’s face and what a happy afternoon he will have on Christmas day playing with his Bob toys

– Trying to find a Christmas Cake recipe

– Choosing an advent calendar

– Receiving instructions from Farmer Christmas as to what I need to source for my son’s stocking

– Looking at our faces in shiny baubles in our local garden centre. (Less festive was then watching as a rogue bauble bounced off the decorative arch and shattered into a hundred pieces on the floor, oops)

– Reading Lucy and Tom at the Seaside, knowing that in a few weeks we’ll be reading Lucy and Tom’s Christmas

– Digging out the festive films for the December weekends

– Scheduling the Christmas decoration date…one day in the week beginning Dec 14th in case you were dying to know. My family were strictly Christmas Eve decs up so this feels very early

– Choosing a special Christmas tree decoration gift for my son (a sparkly train)

– Having my eyes drawn more and more to the Christmas tree (it lives outside our house) and wondering how creature-ridden it is and how long it will have to live in the garage before it comes into the lounge

– Practising my Christmas tunes on the piano (I’m rubbish but can plonk out a few that are recognisable, just)

– London for Blogfest…ok Blogfest wasn’t Christmassy but my husband and I used it as an excuse to have a wintry evening in London wandering around Covent Garden and other suitably festive locations

– Daydreaming about Christmas Day just the three of us: early morning in bed opening stockings, cooking yummy food, tramping through the New Forest, present opening, music and champagne. Maybe rounded off with a Christmas film. I can’t wait!


But that’s the complete point…I CAN wait. Because the waiting is an integral part of it and it’s a part that makes me very happy. And if we all get struck down with flu (like last year) and the champagne is replaced with clear soup then it’s ok because our daydreams of the day are pretty high value!

So if there’s a point to this post, beyond listing my Christmas plans, it’s to encourage you to think of something you are looking forward to and indulge yourself in delicious anticipation. Maybe you’ll even find a wafty vagueness of perfection in it…

Best of Worst

23 thoughts on “Anticipation – Christmas 2015

  1. Totally agree! I love the slow build up from bonfire night until Christmas. It’s a real build up for me too as I have a Christmas birthday and Christmas can’t actually begin (in my head) until that has been and gone. Then December 21st hits and boom! IT’S CHRISTMAS! … You read that Noddy Holder style right? 😉


  2. The anticipation with christmas is so wonderful with children, although this year my eldest is on our side of the camp and knows the facts. I can see exactly what you are saying about needing to appreciate that as an important part of it. It takes the pressure off the one day being perfect. Great post Lucy


    1. Thank you Kirsten. Oh that’s going to be an interesting Christmas then! I remember clinging on to the stories far beyond the point that I knew the facts. Yes, having a child has completely reinvigorated all sorts of times of the year, but possibly none more so than Christmas. x


  3. Eek, exciting…! I completely agree, the anticipation is a large part of the fun, especially with Christmas. I’m SO ready for it this year and am planning to go all out with proper decorations and lots of candles. Hubs has already told me he’s slightly scared as kid hasn’t even been born yet. Next year will be even more fun!

    PS. Farmer Christmas – hah, awesome!


  4. Ohh I feel all excited 🙂 I love Christmas, even more so now with kids it’s so exciting! I hope you are not struck down with flu either, we have been poorly over Christmas before and New Year and it is miserable! Looking forward to seeing some festive posts and thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst see you again!


  5. Oh I totally agree, I love the anticipation and build up to Christmas. It’s so exciting. I had the flu over Christmas a couple years ago, awful but at least had all the build up beforehand to enjoy.

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  6. I agree! It is all about the anticipation and the build up for me rather than the day. We are having a quiet Christmas this year just me, hubby and little man and we will be making sure we put some traditions in place ready for when he understands what is going on next year. #bestandworst


  7. I do love a good Christmas, but selfishly don’t like to prepare until after my December birthday…then it is on like Donkey Kong! Still…forcing me to start thinking…hmmmmmmm #coolmumclub


  8. Oh my goodness, I know exactly what you mean by the searching for a feeling or sensation!! I sometimes get real flashbacks, set off by a smell, film, advert, food etc, that momentarily take me to a memory where I can recall exactly how I felt at the very time of the memory. I used to get the same Christmas excitement, and that ‘feeling’ at this time every year, but must admit that the older I get, the more I have to ‘search’ to find it now! I’m hoping having the children will bring it back! And yes, the build up to Christmas can be amazing! Great post!


    1. Ah so pleased I’m not the only one! It was really hard to describe! I know what you mean about having to search a bit harder to find it re Christmas now. I definitely think children brings it back…well it has certainly worked for me anyway. Not so much when he was a baby but this will be his first really aware one so it definitely feels special. Thanks for commenting x


  9. I am a big planner. For me, one of the best things about a holiday is doing the research, choosing it, planning it all and packing! But this year I have challenged myself not to ‘do’ Christmas until December starts. And I have already broken my resolution by reading your post….! 🙂 #coolmumclub


  10. Ooh I completely agree! I love the build up. In fact, I always get a little down on Boxing Day. The festive season is still ongoing, when I used to work I still had loads of days off before going back, but know that the anticipation and wait is gone has always upset me. #coolmumclub


  11. Just starting to get excited about Christmas for the first time reading this! Never usually like to get too Christmassy until after my birthday a week before. But since becoming a mum have had to start a bit earlier in December. Last year I was distracted by being very pregnant with twins and wondering if they’d choose Christmas Day to be born! (they didn’t). So looking forward to their first Christmas this year, and our first as a family of five. #coolmumclub


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