18 Million Things

Don’t worry, this isn’t a list of 18 million things…I may be occasionally verbose but I do understand the limits of a blog post.

No, even better than that, it is a completely self-indulgent post of 20 things I really like about my son. Hurray, lucky you!

I have a habit of saying to my toddler, mostly at bedtime ‘there are 18 million things I love about you and that (whatever ‘that’ may be) is one of them’.

I was editing my ‘about’ page the other day and I edited out some bits that described a few little traits of my son and memories I wanted to preserve in my blog. He doesn’t do any of the things I described anymore, they were short but sweet phases – he doesn’t call me Mmm for example, I’m now boring old Mummy or Mum…or Lucy – and I realised I will almost certainly forget some of his other little passing quirks. So I made a resolution to write these things down from time to time, and here’s the first instalment.

Feel free to zone out and move on. I’m fairly confident no one (bar my husband) is as keen on my son as I am!

Some of the 18 million things I love about you, my 2 years & 4 month old son are:

That orange is your ‘favourite’

That some things are ‘amazing’ and ‘wow’ and ‘oh my goodness’ and ‘so so big’

That almost everything has taken a turn at being ‘old-fashioned’…from aeroplanes to tractors to a cup of tea, the kitchen chairs and your duvet

The way you say ‘yes please Mummy’ and ‘Course Mummy’ and ‘Don’t worry Mummy’

The fact you love so much and so many things…I hear ‘my love something’ all day.

The way you, when you’re in your pushchair, happily give me your press for the pedestrian crossing…you wait for me to press the button then you take your press back

The way you started to want to climb trees now it’s autumn to ‘help the leaves fall’

The way that every curve is a rainbow

How many olives you eat and how sociable this is for excursions to drink wine

The way you take off for running and jumping

The way you beep when you walk backwards

The way you hide by the shed at the bottom of the garden

The fact we have a ding-dong tree by the pond

How magical it was watching the ‘funny bat’ with you in our garden

Your little tiny yellow umbrella and the way you ‘need it’ when its ‘raining pouring’ to keep you ‘warm’

The way you love to brush my hair (but only if it’s dry)

The way you say ‘that’s better’

That you park your little fleet of little vehicles at bedtime

That we sing a made-up song about ‘Fireman, Fireman Sam’ to a made up tune because neither of us have ever seen it, but he’s on your pajamas. Or ‘jamamas’

The way when you go through periods of separation anxiety you push your face into my face at night as if you want to get as close as is possibly possible.


Happy Diaries
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31 thoughts on “18 Million Things

      1. Oh do, write it all down! There are so many millions of gorgeous cute things my kids have said that have escaped my memory like water through a net! It makes me sad just thinking about it!! ☺️ Thanks for writing! 😄


  1. This is utterly adorable, specially the last! You have a very sweet son. I’m looking forward to watching my 7-month-old develop and build on his already adorable personality! #coolmumclub


  2. Adorable. Love the beeping going backwards. I really like how they do all the polite things like ‘don’t worry, mummy’ & ‘yes, please, mummy’ too. I really can’t express how amused I am to discover there is a ‘ding dong’ to go with the ‘hoo ha’ 😀 x


    1. OH MY. I am an innocent. Sooo tempted to link to this post on twitter now using the ding dong tree example. I wonder what would happen!? I beep going backwards now, it just makes sense. They are lovely things these little ones xxx


  3. This is a great post to look back on as you quickly forget about things as they get older and start doing new things. I have a 7 year old and 8 month old. I remember all this with my first and looking forward to it all again with my youngest. I enjoyed reading it, so you keep writing it #happydiaries

    Pauline x


    1. Ah what a lovely comment, thank you. Very heartening to know you remember it with your first, I’ve been worried i’ll forget. And lovely that you’ve got it all to come again! I’m definitely going to carry on making a note of these things, it was such an enjoyable exercise xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love your little bedtime ritual of what you say to your boy, it’s so brilliant, and has to be good for building his image of himself and his self-esteem. I am often racing away at bedtime and don’t get beyond ‘I love you’ to my little one, although with the older ones I do try to tell them something that I was proud of them for that day. I have a friend who tells her daughter a story of what she did that day, which is also cute. It is definitely good to try to hold on to the memories though – as they grow it all changes and melts together. #Sharethejoy


    1. Ah I can imagine things melting together as they get older and particularly with more than one child. I like the idea of a story of the day, but with that plus books plus whatever else I would never leave the room and would probably go insane. But yes, that does sounds sweet. Thank you for your comment x


  5. Aw these are so sweet. I love that he beeps when he walks backwards. I think its a fab thing to do, and only wish I had taken the time to the same with my boys. Thanks for sharing, Tracey xx #happydiaries


  6. Agh I love this so much, I love my little boy to bits too and the things he says just haven’t really been preserved like this. I still think he’s 3 and in fact he is 5 and a school boy now. How I wish I could freeze that time. Stopping by from #sharethejoy xo


  7. These perfect little memory nuggets are just so precious! Don’t our little ones do the funniest things?Love the need for an umbrella to keep him warm… thanks so much for linking up at #sharethejoy this week and hope to see you again soon (p.s. I’ve picked this as one of my favourite this week x)


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