11 Tunes From My Parenting Soundtrack

You know when you, your friends or perhaps your children say something that just has to have a song lyric attached? Who, for example, hasn’t shouted ‘STOP’…then followed it up with ‘in the name of love’ or the slightly more bouncy ‘right now, thank you very much…’!?

Well, since having a child (now a 2 year old) my husband and I do this A LOT. This means that our parenting soundtrack is currently a heady mix of nursery rhymes, Bob the Builder/Little Red Tractor/Timmy Time and completely random snatches of random songs.

After going to a friend’s house and hearing her use the exact fragment of a song line that we do during an outfit change, I realised that we weren’t alone in this habit. In fact, I concluded that it was a universal trait. Probably.

Um…isn’t it??

Baby: crying (mostly only on changing table)
Parents sing: ‘Don’t cry for me (insert full name of baby here)…the truth is I never left yooouu!…’
Continue until crying stops or you wear yourself out with the effort of repeating the only two verses you know
Title song from Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

Baby/Toddler: just woken up
Parents: ‘Go-ood Morning, Good Morning you slept/didn’t sleep (delete as applicable) the whole night through! Good Morning, Good Morning to yooouu!’
Good Morning – Singin’ in the Rain

Baby: staring intently into my eyes
I sing: ‘What do you seeeee? When you are looking at meee…da da dee dummmm dum de daa daa daa daa, da-da deee dummmm….DA’
Doll On a Music Box – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Toddler: waiting to get their top taken off
Cool Me: ‘Put your arms in the air…like you just don’t care’
Sooo many to choose from, what an overused lyric this is! I’m going for in the style of Word Up by Cameo

Toddler: wanting to get down from high chair
Me (it’s like a disease, I can’t help it): ‘Hop down…Summer in the City, back of my neck getting dirty pretty…’
Summer in the City – Lovin’ Spoonful

Toddler: pretending to do buildering ‘my have a hammer…’
Parents sing: ‘…I’d hammer in the morning, hammer in the evening. All over the laa-aa-aa-aand’
If I Had a Hammer – Peter, Paul & Mary

Toddler: Looking out of the window and pointing… ‘people!…’
I croon: ‘…who need people…’
People – Funny Girl (think Barbara Streisand)

Toddler: Ascending stairs ‘my coming up…’
My personal favourite…ready!?
Parents belt out: ‘I want the world to know, you got to let it show!’
I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross

Toddler: Finished dinner and wants to get down ‘walk out door…’
Parents in full power-ballad mode: ‘…just turn around, ‘cause you’re not welcome anymore (whisper that bit)…I’ve got all my life to live, I’ve got all my love to give, I will survive, I will SURVIIIVVVVE!’ Uhhhoooohhhhhhohoohaahaahooohooo….
I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

Toddler: wants to rid himself of an object ‘take it’. Sounds like ‘tek’-it…’
I rap (oh yes): ‘…to the bridge’
Sexyback – Justin Timberlake (feat. Timbaland…and yes I’m Timbaland)

And finally:

Nephew: Needs a post-meal babywipe ‘clean me up’
Mad Aunt: ‘Buttercup, don’t break my heart! Ba dum dum dum!’
The Foundations – Build Me Up Buttercup

Ahh the fun we I have. I think we’ve been blessed with a toddler that clearly realises our need for entertainment and so indulges us in phrases that lend themselves so perfectly to musical interludes. I do sometimes see his little face screwed up in thought though…as if he’s somehow trying to commit the moment to memory and ensure we never volunteer to supervise his school discos. It’s very similar to the face I see when he watches us dancing too…

I’d love to think I’m not alone in this…what’s on your parenting soundtrack!?



Run Jump Scrap!

72 thoughts on “11 Tunes From My Parenting Soundtrack

  1. Yes to this! EXCELLENT idea!
    We have loads… Unlike yours, I usually start mine as well as finish them. Pure self indulgence, as in this nonsensical little beauty:
    “Stella, Stella, have you any wool? Reply (sung by me on her behalf. She can thank me later) No mummy, no mummy, I’m a baby”
    I might have to write my own post on this subject – goldmine!

    x a

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  2. Haha love this!! we do it too… usually something to the effect of “Bath, Bath baby..dun dun dun dun dun dun dun” … i’m not very musical even in typing but thats supposed to be ice ice baby :p Thanks for sharing #MarvMondays


  3. This is a brilliant post. And it’s so true. Everyone who has children or even small children in there family is guilty of doing this. I particularly like the Justin Timberlake lyric! #marvmondays


  4. Haha, this is awesome – I will definitely be singing like this to my kid when he comes along…although my singing voice may scar him for life! 😉


  5. Haha, I love this – going to have so many of these songs buzzing around my head now.

    Always singing “Put your arms in the air like you just don’t care” to my toddler because she never wants to put on/take off her clothes when I want her to!



  6. I started reading this and thought, ‘I don’t do that.’ Then I got to the one about putting their arms up and realised I often sing, ‘Hands up, Baby, hands up. Give me your heart. Gimme, gimme your heart.’ I’m sure there are probably others, actually.



    1. Oh that’s a fantastic one!! Yes, well I didn’t know I did it really, not super-consciously, until the other week when I caught myself and realised the extent of both the repertoire and back catalogue! Thank you for popping by.


  7. Brilliant!!! My repertoire is currently limited to baby songs and nursery rhymes – I must branch out!! They do find my radio 2 style dancing very amusing though!!!


    1. Ahh, yes the dancing! Such a fun thing to do with babies and children. I don’t know about you but I’m sure I used to be really good at dancing, well really good at deluding myself that I was really good anyway which I’m sure is almost the same thing! Thank you for commenting x


  8. Haha I love this, I definitely do the crying one and just woken up! My daughter’s only 11 months but I’m sure the soundtrack will just get bigger and bigger as she gets older and starts to talk! #MarvMondays


  9. Ha I love this, the justin timberlake one is my favourite. I sing all the time, having a little girl called Clementine I can’t help it.x #marvmondays


    1. Ah that’s fab! And you’ve given me an idea…if I ever have a second child I should name them from a song. Maybe Blondie’s Maria or Mickey as in ‘hey Mickey, you’re son fine’!? Ooo the possibilities. In all seriousness though, Clementine is a beautiful name. Thanks for commenting x


  10. Stop, for me is always followed by Hammer time!
    Putting a vest on my eldest when she was a newborn was a tedious experience. She hated putting her arms up for it. Bizarrely it became acceptable if I sang ‘Hands up baby, hands up. Gimme your heart, gimme gimme….’ alongside such ‘torture’.
    Do you have that stuck in your head now? Sorry…


  11. Haha, love this! My fave is ‘Put your hands up for Detroit’ when I’m undressing the little one. Thanks so much for linking up to Marvellous Mondays, would love to see you again this week! (: #MarvMondays


  12. Oh my god I do this all the time! Often changing the lyrics.

    My fave at the moment i/’s “boobie boobie boobie” to the tune of ABBA “money money money” when it’s feeding time. 😆


  13. I do the “Good Morning one” it sets the day off on a cheerful note (well for me anyway). The one I always used with my daughter at bedtime was Dream a Little Dream of me by the Carpenters. My boys are in a phase of telling me to stop singing whenever I sing to them : ( hopefully it is a phase!


  14. Great list! I also have have a range of songs that run through my head all day like a soundtrack. I never though to compile them all before – that could be a fun exercise. The one I hear most often at the moment is ‘It’s a disaster’ (OK Go): works for any bodily fluid accidents, and any number of other messes that happen on a daily basis 🙂 #coolmumclub


  15. I love it! And yes we do this too, we went on holiday with some friends who have a little one too recently and the whole thing was very musical. Although the tunes weren’t quite as good as yours.. we had recently started ‘tiny talk’ classes and our soundtrack mainly consisted of bizarre tunes such as the ‘here we are together’ welcome song! Lovely post 🙂 #coolmumclub


  16. Brilliant! I don’t think I know enough songs to do this, though! In any case, song singing is strictly only allowed at the instruction of The Toddler here! She puts a swift stop to any random outbursts of song along these lines! #coolmumclub


  17. This is brilliant and I can definitely relate to this! Don’t Cry For Me (insert name) is one that I do quite often. My song for getting the children dressed/undressed is “hands up, baby hands up” by Ottowan and we also sing the “Let it be me” song from “Let’s Play” when changing nappies (“let it be wee, let it be wee…” Glad it’s not just me that has a parenting soundtrack – I’m forever making up alternative lyrics to songs to fit whatever it is that I’m doing at the time 🙂 #coolmumclub

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    1. Really love this, in fact I think ‘let it be wee’ is now my new favourite. What happens to the lyrics when it’s not wee though!? I was sure I wasn’t alone in this song lyric thing…I’m glad I wasn’t wrong! thanks for commenting x


    1. Brilliant, doing it to other adults is where it starts! I find they’ve got to be particular other adults…although I have a wonderful image in my head of you opening the door to the retreating postie: ‘hey, hey wait a minute Mr Postman…!’ Thanks for your comment!


  18. This game is fun! Possibilities are endless. My whole life is a soundtrack….Luckily, my kids are getting older and singing everywhere, too….
    “STOP!!” …if you love me…ohhhhhhh, you better stop! (Sam Brown)
    We have to scream STOP a lot in this house….


  19. These are fantastic. I think singing should be encouraged at every possibility. Obviously my brain has gone blank as I try to think of any but I use to burst into song regulalry when my boys were young (and still do to be honest). #Bestandworst


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  21. This is a definite #pantsaward contender! One of mine is Stop! Collaborate and listen, Mummy’s back with a brand new mission, she’s gonna squeeze you tightly…and so forth. I love making up stupid songs as well. The boy is decidedly unappreciative of my talents however….! #chucklemums


    1. That is brilliant! I do like down expanding my repertoire so thank you! Since first writing this and now I’ve noticed my, previously unappreciative, son making up songs or putting in new lyrics to the tunes he knows…it’s very funny. Clearly catching! Thanks for hosting #chucklemums

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  22. So glad I’m not the only one who does this. Like all day. Many of the same ones too.

    Christmas tunes were the best. Screamy baby to the tune of santa baby still pops into my head from time to time. Thanks for linking lovely #chucklemums


    1. Ah Christmas! Yes I’d forgotten the opportunities that brought about. I used to walk around trying to get my son to nap when he was younger to the tune of walking in a winter wonderland!
      It has definitely been reassuring to see there’s a whole, dare I say it, girl group of haphazard singers of parenting related tunes…
      Thank you for hosting #chucklemums


  23. I love this! We pretty much chose our sons name so I could nickname him Tommy Mack to sing to the tune of Jimmy Mack! I love singing him songs like ‘take good care of my baby..’ And ‘you are my sunshine ‘ haha! He likes it when I sing/rap Notorious B.I.G ‘Big Poppa’, maybe he remembers that I played it a lot when he was in the womb?!

    Other than that I think mine are really cringe… Like ‘you are a stinky boy’ to ‘the cheeky song’ and the like. I need to start singing some cool songs to the poor boy. Except I can’t sing. How early do you think they start covering their ears when they hear terrible singing?


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