8 Photos of Happiness

The lovely Sarah at Twins Make Five nominated me for this tag. I really love her blog, do pop along for a visit if you haven’t already…you can find Sarah’s 8 Photos of Happiness post here and visit her blog homepage here.

So the tag, choose 8 photos of happiness…really quite self-explanatory…And yet a couple of challenges have arisen. Firstly my photography skills are bordering on shambolic BUT I don’t think that really matters, you’ll all just have to stick with me and marvel in some cronky photographs. The biggest problem is actually that I don’t want to share photos on my blog of me, my family or friends. Hmm. Given that those things make me happiest (along with tea and chips) I was a bit stuck for a moment.

But, fear not. I’ve got a solution. I’m happy when my son is happy so here are some of the things that, for now, make him happy and therefore make me happy too.


More specifically Junction 17 – 21a. The windmill fascination includes and extends to windmills with sails, wind farms, weather vanes, ceiling fans, marine radars…anything that goes round and round really. All marvellous, but as single entities fail to produce the level of excitement experienced by Windmill Alley. Excitement that manifests itself, after squeals and exclamations of ‘my love windmills!’, by one finger placed firmly on the end of his nose until Windmill Alley is dispatched with and we are back to boring old M1 with maybe the odd pylon – ‘my like pylons’.

Since first drafting this post, we have discovered a second Windmill Alley in Cornwall. Again finger pressed firmly on nose. Whhhyy??


Precious friends each and every one! But also my son, like most little people I imagine, is at his absolute happiest surrounded by his real-life loved ones. His aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, friends and parents.


Oh yes, a summer defined by ice cream. He can devour an ice cream in, ooo, about half an hour. He savours more than devours. But it certainly makes him happy!


Ball games, running races, scooter riding, flower smelling, soil digging, lawn mowing, ‘Run Rabbit’ round the hedges, spider spotting, bee watching, snail seeking, puddle splashing, pond dipping and ‘jungle’ adventuring. He’s happy outside.


I’ve mentioned before that my son loves clocks. He used to make an incoherent noise at a particular road junction next to a clock tower and the noise turned into one of his first words which turned out to be clock. He closely followed ‘clock’ with ‘tick tock’. No ‘Mummy’, no ‘Daddy’ but ‘tick tock clock’.


If I ask my son what he would like to do today, the answer is almost always ‘deedide’. Yes the seaside is his happy place. Where else can you eat sand and throw stones to your hearts content while castle building, picnicking and spotting boats, helicopters and potentially (but sadly, for him, almost never) hovercrafts.


There isn’t really a picture that sums this one up. There are so, so many more things that make my son happy – tractors, the moon, dogs, farms, pizza, lorries, motorbikes, sunflowers, pens, buses, trains, boats – the list is endless. I just think that life makes my son happy. I’m sure that all babies and young children, if nurtured, are predisposed to being happy. They wake up and are happy…yes things make them sad and grumpy (sooo grumpy), but ultimately happy is the ruler. Life is full of happy when you’re two and if you’re loved.


My son has developed a Bob the Builder obsession thanks to his cousin. This is going to make his Christmas Day VERY happy, thank you ebay!


The rules are that I now tag fellow bloggers but I’m just going to say that if you fancy doing this please consider yourself tagged.

And to everyone reading this, I encourage you to have a think of your moments of happiness…all the ones that have been and all the ones that make repeat visits to you each day. It’s a lovely thing to do.

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Happy Diaries

15 thoughts on “8 Photos of Happiness

  1. Thank you for doing this and your lovely compliment on my blog! I love the you have found an interesting twist on this. My neighbour gave us some Bob the Builder toys a couple of weeks ago they are a big hit. Impressed that you have already ebayed ready for Christmas!

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  2. What a lovely happy post. 🙂 Jet also loves clocks. We have one that tells you the date and has a flap for am/pm. Mind:blown. He now LIVES to tell us every detail of the time and date, and asks repeatedly about what we will do in the am or the pm. Just a bit more of that happy they seem to find in the seemingly smallest details of life 🙂
    x a


    1. Ah that’s lovely! And check you out with your exciting clock! I have recently discovered that you can get stands for pocket watches so you can display your pocket watch, if you had one. Jet might be interested in this too. I do marvel at how so much makes them happy, it’s really wonderful. Thanks for commenting x

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  3. This is lovely. My son is a little younger (15 months) but many of these would be on his list of happy too. I especially love the windmills. They make ME happy!


    1. Ahh yes I’m sure there are common themes amongst the small people, lovely! How nice to hear from a fellow windmill fan, very exciting. Wind farms too? Well you would LOVE the M1! Thank you for popping by x


  4. I share your little ones loves of windmills, the seaside, icecream and clocks (but only ones with proper numbers on, Roman numerals make me sad).
    I think windmills are fabulous. There is something very calming and elegent about them and it always puzzles me that people protest against the erection of new ones (i live near the river Severn, we have several planned wind turbines due to be built nearby).
    Thank you for linking up xx# Happydiaries


    1. That’s lovely to hear! I’ve never particularly thought about windmills or wind farms before now…they are quite majestic, I like the thought of them being calming too! Thanks for hosting #happydiaries….great idea for a linky x

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  5. What a gorgeous, happy post. The seaside is one of our happy places too. And I just love the line: “Life is full of happy when you’re two and if you’re loved.” Sums up my son’s life at the moment too 🙂 #happydiaries


  6. It is such a lovely thing to do, to reflect on all our happy things, I also linked with #happydiaries this week because it is great to see what makes others happy too.


  7. What a lovely post, isn’t it so nice to look back on old photos to stir up some wonderful memories. Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst and hoe to see you again 🙂 x


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