Lost in…Wibbly Pig

Is it bedtime Wibbly Pig?’ by Mick Inkpen was one of LJ’s absolute favourite bedtime reads when he was about 15 to 18 months old. He will perhaps go back to it one day but very adamantly went off it one day and has ignored it since. THANK GOODNESS…I was developing a stress related twitch every time it was picked up…


Synopsis: There’s this Pig. He’s called Wibbly Pig. He is quite sweet but obviously fancies himself as a bit of a comedian. On each page a series of bedtime related questions are posed to young Wibbles. The first one ‘is it bedtime Wibbly Pig?’ being the most vague…they then become ever more desperate direct: ‘are you brushing your teeth, Wibbly Pig?’… ‘shall we close the curtains, Wibbly Pig?’… ‘why won’t you just hurry up and GO TO SLEEP, Wibbly Pig?’. Ok I made the last one up. Eventually the darling Pig konks out while we are still talking to him. (Rude)

Why it was a favourite: Ahhh I did mention that Wibbly is quite sweet didn’t I! ? It’s quite an amusing book as well, definitely observant of a toddler going slowly to bed. It is simply drawn and recognisable to a little’un as well.

It also follows a routine from start to end with climbing the stairs, bathtime, storytime, teeth cleaning, lights off etc. So that’s helpful if you have a similar routine (which we do) or are trying to implement one. There’s also an appealing rhythm formed with the repetition of the questions and answers.

Why I’m glad we don’t read it anymore: I just couldn’t help but feel that I was reading LJ a manual on how to be really annoying at bedtime. I’m so relieved that he abandoned it before now when he actually has started stalling. It’s quite funny and sweet when he does it at the moment but I wonder if it would be so sweet if he implemented Wibbly Pig’s strategy for any length of time.

My other main issue with ‘Wibbly Pig’ is that it repeats the word ‘No’ on almost every page. When I started reading it to LJ we used to replace ‘no’ with more positive alternatives such as ‘nearly’ or ‘well almost’ or just a non-committal noise. Eventually though the ‘no’s crept in and LJ delivered his first resounding ‘no’ while reading Wibbly Pig. Sigh. While I think ‘no’ is an extraordinarily useful word to both understand and use as we get older, it seems a strange one to overuse in a toddler’s bedtime book…

Conclusion: Entertaining for my younger LJ but I’m unsurprised that he’s not interested in it now. There’s just not enough in it to hold his 2 year old attention or fire his imagination so really it had quite a short, if overall enjoyable, lifespan for us. Happy memories definitely…I would pass it on to someone or suggest they borrow it from a library but perhaps not one to invest in for the longterm.

A Cornish Mum

18 thoughts on “Lost in…Wibbly Pig

  1. I’ve flicked through quite a few books at the library and put them back on the grounds that they could well teach “less than desirable” habits. Like picking eating or – as you say – drawn-out bedtime routines.

    Any book gets grating once you’ve had to read it many many times. Often consecutively. I once read The Gruffalo 9 times in a sitting (not before bed). I’m amazed I can still bring myself to read it!

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    1. Funnily enough my husband has just read this post and we’ve had this same discussion about repetitive reading. He agrees about the no thing but overall loved it! He also conceded that out of a hundred reads he’s probably done fifteen of them. I must bear that in mind when I ‘review’ LJ’s reads and not be too negative!
      Wow Claire, one book nine times…in one sitting? That’s stamina!! X

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  2. Chortlesome review 🙂 at that age jet developed a penchant for this crappy book we had about colours. To say the plot was thin is a huge understatement. It used to put me in mind of that hot chip song about the monkey with a miniature cymbal. The joy of repetition really is in them! It is very welcome when they begin to broaden their horizons a bit 🙂
    X Alice


  3. Haha I haven’t read that particular book but I totally feel your pain. It drives me mad when kids get stuck on one book or set of books and you have to read it every flipping day. For us at the moment it’s the Little Miss box set. Fine you think, a box set you say? Yes, it would be fine if we’d read each book once. But we’ve been reading them on repeat since Christmas. Enough already.

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  4. Aww Finlay loves a few books and we have done them so many times he knows them off by heart, his brother was the same when he was younger. Thanks for linking up to #PickNMix


  5. Haha – this is the most entertaining book review ever! We don’t have this one at our house, and are just obsessed with The Gruffalo. I suppose that’s just a manual on how not to be eaten, so quite useful really! x

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  6. I love Wibbly Pig! Mind you, when he had 10 balloons, I would have quite cheerfully popped the lot to avoid reading it again! 😀 They get fixated on things don’t they? We know Room on the Broom & Duck in a Truck backwards. They all go out of favour, (get lost in the toy box!), after a while though, then feel lovely & fresh when rediscovered. My son is coming up to 3 & loves all of 4 yr old big sis’s books, maybe try some of the Wibbly books aimed at preschoolers & see if more storyline suits him, (& you!!), better.


    1. Ooo I didn’t know there were more tales of Wibbly pig out there! Given how much my boy liked this book, he would probably engage with others. Was Wibbly pig a television programme at some point?
      And duck in a truck is new to me too, I’ll look it up! Thank you for commenting! X

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      1. Oh there is a whole world of Wibbly out there!! I really love Mike Inkpen, he does some other v clever children’s books as well as Wibbly. This is my Book is a fun one. Wibbly was a tv series too, I’m sure I saw it recently.
        We have some almost every day. This is a duck, driving home in a truck, here is the track that is taking him back, this is the rock, struck by the truck…….and this is all from memory! My lb adores it.
        Bet you’re dying to know what happens now aren’t you! 😉

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