Allergic to ‘E’

I was challenged by PinkPearBear to take on the ‘Allergic to E’ challenge. The challenge is to write a paragraph without using the letter ‘E’ funnily enough.

I love playing with words, ‘E’ is one of my favourite letters too, and this gave my brain something fun to think about during another sleepless night.

So thank you PinkPearBear! And here’s my short post, all about our new garden. I’ve completely cheated at the end, but apart from there if you see any other ‘eee’s tell me! My eyes were seeing them everywhere and nowhere by the end!


Occupation: mum
Jobs: this and that, bits and bobs
Today: lawn laying

Morning finds this mum looking at soil. No rain today, so quick with turf rolls to avoid soft mounds turning into mountains of mud. I lay out a lawn, a patch to catch sunlight. I look as my son finds a grassy spot to play on; to run and jump; to play football or twirl hula hoops.

Now it is night time, my son is snoozing upstairs. I crack on with a vino and sit in moonlight. A frog and a bat join my company now. Good pals no doubt, but no comparison for a small blond darling…my sun, my son.

I look forward to watching my grass as it grows,
along with my child. How big? Who knows.

But for now I will sit light and happy,
thinking of how I lost all my ….eeees!



The rules of this tag are as follows:

– Link to the person who nominated you and thank them.
– Write a paragraph without using the letter ‘E’.
– Nominate 5 other bloggers.

The four (cheating again!) bloggers I tag are:
Alice at Nipper and Tyke
Amy at Curioser and Curioser 
Clare at Mudpie Fridays
Silly Mummy at R is for Hoppit

If you don’t fancy it/don’t have time/don’t like tags then don’t do it! If you do then, have fun!

Sleep regressions and me

I can’t believe I’m writing this, thinking about this, googling this YET AGAIN but I am:

Sleep regressions

(are horrible)

I know the theory of sleep regressions…that they are a signal of progression. That my son will be experiencing marvellous developmental leaps. That previously alienated neurons will be finding ways of connecting. Continue reading

Hello inner crafty Mum…is that you?

A couple of weeks ago I was lamenting the lack of craft and cooking activities in my toddler’s life.

Well I am pleased to announce that I am a changed woman! All thanks to some super suggestions from lovely bloggers. You can read my original post and the replies to it here.

We haven’t tried everything yet and not everything we did try went to plan. I think there’s some way to go before I’ll be instagramming any gorgeous homemade craft projects or beautifully decorated baked goods BUT the revolution has started.
Continue reading

Gender, Sport & Toddlers

Toddlers are our chance to change the world.

Ok a bold statement, and don’t get alarmed…I’m not mustering a troop of whisk waving two year olds just yet.

But toddlers are impressionable. They are mostly unencumbered by society’s rules and stereotypes. They are also at the start of their knowledge-gaining and opinion-forming journey through life.

Exposing my son to a male dominated and quite traditional sporting environment from day dot means he may develop a blinkered idea of what is normal in terms of gender roles. This has got me thinking.
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Lost in… Lucy & Tom at the Seaside


A good week last week for Shirley Hughes, announced as the winner of the inaugural Book Trust Lifetime Achievement Award. I now have serious concerns for the load bearing capacity of her mantelpiece but all well deserved in my view.

I am a Shirley Hughes newbie…I don’t remember any of her books from my childhood at all. Perhaps my Mother was vehemently opposed for some reason, I must remember to ask. I must also remember to thank her because it is a special joy approaching them as a shared first experience with LJ.
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Where it all began – hospital volunteering

Today I received my ‘clearance’ to volunteer at my local hospital. I’m now officially a NCT Breastfeeding Peer Supporter and hospital volunteer.

It’s been a long, involved, emotional process and so it should be actually as I’ll be working on a ‘specialised’ (consultant led) ward with newborn babies and women who may be feeling more vulnerable than they have ever felt before.
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8 things I’ve learnt (not) blogging

I’ve got a little notebook that I stick any blogging ideas in that come to me. It used to look like this:


But after ‘going public’ with my blog last month and then promptly (but fortunately only temporarily) losing the above model I upgraded to this:

I wonder if it will start self-generating soon…

Anyway the point of this of rambling introduction is to say that both still have lots of ideas in them. Luckily for the internet I’ve got lots of things to say. It’s just that this week I haven’t really felt like saying any of them. I’ve started a few posts and not really felt inspired or motivated to finish any of them. My brain has been full up with other things and the blogging words just haven’t been flowing. Continue reading