Where’s my inner crafty mum?

A few months ago I wrote a post about an Easter Egg Hunt and I how I channelled my inner keen activity mum to deliver said hunt. Well, not only did she turn up late and was pretty rubbish, but she did not stick around either. LJ is nearly two and doesn’t attend nursery, I fear he may be missing out on vital activities to help develop the parts of his brain that aren’t about throwing balls and beeping when walking backwards.

I’m so proud

It’s not that I don’t try as such, but here’s why I need to find her:

– I gave him uncooked red lentils to ‘feel’. He ate them

– He prefers cleaning the chalkboard to using the chalks

– I made him a shadow puppet theatre…a thing of beauty, it took me days. My friends in the arts loved it (totally showed off on Facebook about it) but LJ? Well he was 18 months at the time…could not have cared less

– He ‘paints’ a wall with a baby rattle and when I can’t find that, a spatula

– I took him to Hobbycraft yesterday. We came out with an A4 pad of white paper and a biro

– He has Playdoh. But he doesn’t like the feel of it very much and his ‘accessories’ include a plastic knife and a door key

– Baking? I’m not even going to dignify that with a response


So please, it’s getting serious…can you help me find my inner activity mum? Don’t think about me, think about my children. If you have any posts on toddler-appropriate craft activities or (dare I say it) cooking ones…please point me to them!

Mami 2 Five

18 thoughts on “Where’s my inner crafty mum?

  1. My 3yo also has an aversion to touching Play Doh. Or paints. Or anything remotely ‘icky’. Which suits me fine, as I bloody hate all that messy stuff. We did glitter once, and I was picking it out of my gusset for days. He does like drawing a face onto his boiled egg with a felt tip, though I have a suspicion that is only because he can smash the shit out of it after eating and likes to see the face crumple into a thousand shards of shell. I have no useful tips for craft activities, as that is what I pay nursery for. Oh no, wait. I do have one. Wrapping paper cardboard tubes, stickers and felt tips to make a light sabre. This kept both boys happy for HOURS. Genius.

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  2. I worry about my 2.5-year-old missing out too. I have tried crafty things with him and he isn’t interested/has an aversion to mess!

    With baking, I’ve let him help stir the cake mix and then yesterday I put my hand over his and helped him crack an egg. When the yolk and white ran out into the bowl his little face lit up as if I’d produced a miracle.

    He did enjoy rolling biscuit dough and cutting them out (probably because it’s like using playdough). The least stressful way to do this is to use a non-sticky dough and simple shapes (rounds, hearts, nothing too fiddly with lots of ins and outs that are going to get stuck). I made the dough, wrapped it in clingfilm and let it chill in the fridge for a few hours (you can do this a day or so in advance if you need to). Then he helped me roll out the dough and cut it. I had to whisk the cut out biscuits away pretty quickly because he seemed to think the idea was to grab them back off the tray and crush them into a ball again, but never mind.

    I have a basic biscuit recipe here, if you’d like to give it a go: https://clairehuston.wordpress.com/2015/04/28/pretty-vanilla-biscuits/
    Ignore all the decorative business. If you do want to decorate with a little one, just get some writing icing in tubes and let them squeeze it all over the place! 🙂


    1. That egg moment sounds amazing, so lovely to witness a new discovery for them. Right I’ve read your recipe…it’s very helpful and quite nice and straightforward. Thank you v much! When we have a rainy day, and once I’ve bought some cutters, I will try it out with my son! Can’t see them looking as pretty as your ones though!
      I do try to remind myself that we all get exposed to these sorts of things at school so, aversion or not, they’ll do it there…funny how they can have these dislikes so young.

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  3. Hey mrs anonymous. I wonder how many people have been showing off their he made shadow puppet theatre on Facebook lately 😉 ?

    My boy loves it when I cut out a shape from paper – a train or a dinosaur whatever, then give him shinies and shit to stick on it.

    Another winner is making cakes with playdoh – a few simple cutters are ideal, like claire said nothing leads to frustration so much as your playdoh horse losing a limb- and some paper muffin cases and they can ‘bake’ all sorts of showstoppers. Added bonus is, playdoh is non toxic! This might not strictly speaking mean that it is edible, but near enough! You can even get gluten free playdoh these days…


  4. Hopefully hundreds! Yes I’m only half anonymous and would be very easy to identify from blog!!
    When I said I had playdoh, what I meant was that I have low budget non branded playdoh…should probably check the ingredients before he eats those…not that I would serve him the playdoh cakes…I do get what you are saying. Well I sort of do…would I put them in the oven, is it like fimo? Or is it pretend oven?
    Love the idea of sticky things on a shape. We love stickers so to get more of them would be sooo much fun (for me).
    Thanks lovely

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  5. Ahhh it’s fine. We’re all the same. Entertaining a toddler all day can be so very boring and even when you make a great of effort (painting, baking, reading, drawing, crafts) they get bored after 3 mins!! I try to do scheduled play throughout the day, and activities, and then I find leaving my twins to get bored and make up their own games is just as creative for them!! xx


  6. Oh bless you my love! The best thing to do is to just keep getting things out and make it look fun. My little boy loves doing craft and playdoh etc but he much prefers to be outside or playing with cars and diggers. Maybe incorporate what he likes into the activities- paint with cars and watch the marks that you make with the car tyres or in playdoh as well. #weekendbloghop


    1. Ooo I love the car idea. I think he’d love that…or he’d be upset they were making a mess…it’s hard to tell until I try! But you’re right, I should just get things out for him and see where it takes us. Thank you for having a read!


  7. love your post!! I feel strongly that parent and toddler groups are for messy play activities as this saves me having to deal with the clean up!! What about collecting leaves and sticking them to paper or placing paper over the top and using a crayon to rub over to get the imprint from the leaf. This is something my friend does regularly with her children. I usually engage by playing games like ‘lets clean the house’ (baby has a clean, unused cloth to join in) or ‘lets help mummy wash the clothes’ loading and unloading washing machine and dryer. Another good one is getting a chair for them to stand on and letting them put cut veggies into a pan ready to be cooked for dinner. I.e I’ll peel and slice a carrot then they put it into the pan super easy and no additional mess to what you would usually make making dinner. Did I mention I have serious mess issues……. lol. Good luck with it #sundaystars


    1. Haha! Yes I think my son has mess issues too, he LOVES cleaning just not so much making a mess. Ah I remember doing the leaf thing loads when I was little…I haven’t tried that with him yet…definitely will. I think he’d really like watching me do it. Thank you for your suggestions!


  8. come and check out #kidscorner a linky i run on a wednesday always some great inspiration over there we also do a themed week and have a board on Pinterest we share ideas on its alot of fun I think the main thing is to not be afraid of mess!! thanks for linking up to #sundaystars


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