Ok, not a very profound title but my life is FULL of balls. And by life I mean house and by balls I mean balls. A day can start and end with balls, have a peek at A Day in the Life for an unpromising golf ball wakeup.

So here are the places where just TODAY I have found balls of some sort.

1. Ball-pit balls in the ball box (hurrah!)

2. Golf ball on the stairs (danger)

3. Cricket ball in the bag tucked away at the back of wardrobe that I keep my birthing books in (actually made me wonder if I used it in some way during pregnancy…??)

4. Golf ball by the filing cabinet (filed it)

5. Golf ball in my shoe (put it in Andrew’s shoe)

6. Two golf balls in my handbag (had no answer for this, they are still there)

7. Cricket ball and ball pit ball in LJ’s going out bag (visions of LJ hurtling cricket ball at fellow toddler. Removed and replaced with second ball-pit ball)

8. Cricket ball in the bit under the kitchen surface where I keep trays and chopping boards (ok, I think I remember putting it there. Made LJ crawl in and get it)

9. Golf ball in the tissue box (leave it there, seems reasonable)

10. Rounders ball by the kettle (nearly have a ankle turning tea-based incident but don’t, so move on)

11. Ping-pong ball on the kitchen sofa (LJ’s favourite, ahh)

12. Cricket ball in the sellotape in the stationary cupboard (a perfect fit)

13. Three juggling balls in the cutlery drawer (there is no point in me juggling with just two)

13. Four red cricket balls in my cocktail glasses (because that’s where they live. Obviously)

Is this normal??? Oh balls, I have no idea.


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6 thoughts on “Balls

  1. Hehe, this made me chuckle! I have this same problem but with little Lego pieces. I find them in all sort of strange places. 🙂


  2. Ted is 10 months and our house is already full of sensory balls of every type – god only knows how far this ball thing could spread! Thanks for linking up #bigfatlinky


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