We should all be feminists!

Some of you may have visions of a glamorous sporting career for my husband and buckets of money. Well I’d better put things straight – this is emphatically not the case. Of course he is lucky enough to do what he loves for a decent living but then SO WAS I (before I stopped working). The differences are that my world of working in the arts paid less, didn’t attract the sort of excitement that Andrew’s job has around it, didn’t define me and, fortunately, didn’t have the explicit gender positioning that seems to be expected any time a male deigns to move their limbs in a vaguely active fashion and get paid for it.

Andrew plays cricket, so also not exactly an area that most people think of as having a WAG culture, and honestly at the moment there isn’t much of one. But there has been in recent years and I have raged against it. In my younger days I declared myself an anti-WAG and reconfirmed myself as a feminist. One that is incredibly proud of her best friend, Andrew, for his talent, but one that does not want to (only) sit in the Wives & Girlfriends room.

So this part of my site (if I can work out how to do it!!)…will be my space for musing about the impact of sport as a career on our lives, my thoughts about gender equality and how bringing up my son reminds me that ‘we should all be feminists’…

“Gender matters everywhere in the world. And I would like today to ask that we begin to dream about and plan for a different world. A fairer world. A world of happier men and happier women who are truer to themselves. And this is how to start: We must raise our daughters differently. We must also raise our sons differently.”
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, We Should All Be Feminists

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