Easter Egg Hunt

Well, this is new… I don’t think I’ve ever participated in, yet alone organised an Easter egg hunt but family are visiting and I don’t know, I thought it would be fun! I’m channelling my inner keen activity mum.

Ok so I didn’t channel her early enough. My first port of call was google…and what I found was that you can really go all out on an Easter egg hunt. Some people fill plastic eggs with chocolates, poems, toys and dares, which solves the mystery of why all shops are selling bags of see-through plastic eggs. To really deliver an egg hunt to be remembered, you should hide lots of these eggs, plus chocolate ones, around the place and make sure every child has a basket to collect them in and a fair share of consumables…enough to go round anyway. Some people dress up, or make their children dress up. I started to get a bit lost when the themes turned to pirates…our link to Easter with all this is tenuous enough, but pirates!!? Suffice to say my inner keen activity mum was getting less keen and less active by the minute.

And so to the shops. Yesterday. There were NO suitably sized, suitably priced eggs left in the supermarket…but hurray! at the back of a ransacked shelf there was one sorry looking broken box of Malteaser bunnies. I grabbed it, shamelessly. I also threw in a chocolate chick…my egg hunt loot was complete and my egg hunt was now a small Easter (small) animal trail.

The loot!
The loot!

We are lucky where we live with outside space. Our house has a very small courtyard garden which then has access to a large, rambling communal ‘wild’ garden. In addition to this at the front of the house we have access to a locked ‘formal’ garden complete with fountain and sundial (which I’ll get to later). So the hunt is taking place outside….I also didn’t really fancy google’s suggestions of inside hiding places. It is very likely that my washing machine, for example, will still have yesterday’s washing in it so I’d rather not have anyone poking about for an egg. We’re outside people anyway so it works.

So to the main event, which I thought I’d document here…


The hunt scene

Participants: 3 children.
Ages: 11, 8 and 20 months
Focus: to follow the clues and find the hidden Easter animals (rocket science it is not)

The clues and the hiding places:

This bunny has fallen somewhere rather smelly…
Look outside in LJ’s _ _ _ _ _!

(Blossom tree)
Go through the gate,
What can you see
Hiding under a blossom tree?

(Mini daffodils)
See the daffodils waving tall,
But this little bunny prefers them small…

(By the shed beyond the pond)
Walk past the tadpoles’ watery bed…
The next bunny got lost near the _ _ _ _.

(On one of the tyres of my guests’ car with a key to the front garden)
Leave this garden
And walk quite far…
The next one’s hiding
On your car!

(In a bush near the sundial)
The last one’s not a red bunny,
You’ll need to hunt,
You’ll need this key.
Find the gate the key will lock
And search around
The sunshine’s clock…

So there you have it! I’m excited and I’m particularly looking forward to doing it again when LJ is old enough to enjoy it a bit more. And if you are reading this now for ideas (as I was doing this week) you, like me, have definitely left it too late but good luck to you all the same.

Happy Easter! xx

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